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It was when I started to check up on this I realised how long I have been missing.  So this is a big catch up ... here are the questions:-

52 - What is your most treasured item?
53 - Your biggest insecurity.
54 - Something that you want to do before you die.
55 - What is something that makes your heart break?
56 - Something that you’re extremely afraid of.
57 - What food are you craving right now?
58 - What was the last dream you remember about?
59 - A habit you wish you didn’t have.
60 - Describe the room you’re in right now.
61 - A dead person you’d like to talk to and why?
62 - Go look in the mirror. What’s the first thing you notice?
63 - What song makes you dance?
64 - Name a cartoon you loved as a kid.
65 - Your ultimate feast?

And here are the answers )

The list of 365 questions can be found here

One Year Gone

Thursday, September 29th, 2016 05:03 pm
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I still can't believe that it's been a year since I lost Mum .... so this afternoon Jiffy and I went to the cemetery for our walk.  We go most Sundays as the area is lovely, but wanted to go today.

Rest easy Mum & Dad )

Although I had taken the day off I still ended up getting early as I had a dentist appt, and had to take Jiffy to the vets as he has a skin infection.  He is due to have his op in 5 days time, so hopefully he will be recovering from the one, before we start on the next thing.

However Mum would be pleased - I did some housework, as well.  My bathroom sparkles, and when I finish this update I pan to start cleaning my lounge, although will be lazy (don't tell mum) and complete it tomorrow.

Yesterday I wasn't around as I decided to look into booking a long weekend to London in November.  Friends will hate me for saying it, but I feel guilty about Jiffy.  On Saturday we will be meeting a prospective doggy sitter.  If that works out then that's everything booked.  I have loved my trips to London in the past, and was getting withdrawel symptoms!!!  This time I have already pre-booked Madam Tussauds, and possibly may meet up with a friend.  But, I still feel guilty about the little man!

This evening I do hope to do a bit more LJ catching up ... mostly trying to get some replies to comments done.


Friday, September 16th, 2016 12:14 pm
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Over the last few days it seems as if a few of my f-list have listed some songs, or music details.  Well I had to go to the dentist again today, for the tooth problem that started at Easter.  She took an impression for a plate to fill the gap, but doubts I can have one as my bite is wrong ... I do think at 55 it's a bit late to change that!!  Anyway, we wait and see what the technitions say.

Anyway, back to music.  As well as inheriting photos, jewellery, books etc from Mum I also gained an increase in her CDs.  I was listening to some this morning in the car (well I have to use a USB) and heard one song which I admit to loving ....

Not quite a 2016 #1, but fun none the less!

At Long Last .....

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 12:11 pm
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.... I have my new router so can try to keep up to date from now on (*fingers crossed*)

Well that's the good news .... the bad news is OUCH .....

As you know, I have been battling the tooth problem from Easter, and last week had the tooth taken out.  End of problem, HA HA.  Apparantly 1 : 10,000 extractions give something called a "dry socket" ; in other words the hole refuses to heal.  So I had the socket cleaned and packed yesterday and started on penocillin, and have to return for more treatment in a couple of days.  They think it may take up to 6 months to heal :(

I asked "Why?"; and was told there was absolutely no reason .... so I pointed out that my last extraction went the same way.  Apparantly all that proves is that I am incredibly unlucky ... so, for those who wonder how I got the name Debris, you can see why!!!

Also saw the doctor today as my thyroid has decided to pack up.  The good news is that I now get free prescriptions, the bad news is that it makes my tiredness worse ... so not good to go with the CFS!!

Well must get lunch and head into work.

Will try and catch up with some of those back comments this evening.
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Can you remember I broke a front tooth at Easter .... well I had the root filling done, and it then started hurting .... antibiotics, leaving it, etc ... and today was decision day.

I was still getting the intermittent pain .... so I had to have the root removed.ย 

So the answer for me was out ๐Ÿ˜Š

On another point, I love my Chromebook, however my router has died .... so I am fated to not catch up easily.

Hope everyone else is having a better week than me ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I realised that some of the time oof feeling low and unwell has escalated me feeling low, and sorry for myself.  I had not bothered dying out the grey hair, wore tatty jeans, and din't even bother with ear-rings on a couple of days.

So, hair is coloured, and yesterday afternoon I took Jiffy for an extra walk locally (with my phone only) to take some photos for my Friday challenge,as you can see )

Earlier in the day yesterday I had been to the dentist again, and she has talked herself out of extraction, and has re-filled the root and giving it a month to settle (I think she is hoping that if it gets worse I shall return before that ... while she is on holiday!!)  I then went to Mum & Dad's and did another 90 mins of sorting.  There's still loads to do, but I am slowly getting through it all.  I then went to see Dad, who was exhausted!  The morning had been a "street party" at the home, which I had hoped to go to until the dentist intervened.  Then a meal outside, then some kids from a local school gave a sing along party.  Hopefully I will get to see the photos.  Everyone said Dad had a great time.  He has a new posh, large wheelchair now, so he can sit in it, as well as be moved in it.  It has a large footplate as well, and he sais it's very comfy.

Today Jiffy and I went in the bus to Exeter ... he loves going there.  I bought a pasty for lunch, that he shared a corner of ... so I decided me time was needed ... the boxes will still be here later!

PS, Friday 13th May 1981 was the day I passed my Driving Test ... Happy Anniversary me!

Well I must get some art done - I signed up for Seasonal Spuffy ... Hope you are all having a good weekend.

Off Work ... Again!

Thursday, May 12th, 2016 11:38 am
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Don't know why!  I wasn't feeling great on Sunday, in fact didn't make it to Church, but after a slow walk with Jiffy and a chat to Dad I felt OK.  However not so good on Monday morning, feeling very wobbly so phoned in sick.

Tuesday I only work afternoons, and felt OK in the morning, but by the time I got to work I was feeling drained.  I saw the 4 patients I had to and headed home exhausted.

Wednesday went into work, to be sent home.  Apparantly my face looked more grey than my hair!!  So have taken today off as well.

I think the conclusion is, in that trying to save my ttoth I had a strong dose of penicillin, and then had anti-biotics in the actual root itself.  I have only just started to feel better after my virus, and last year, so just had no reserves left.

So I am pottering at sorting out the books in my study, and the CDs that were mum's.  Being a good girl, but keeping positive as well.

Hope you are all well xx

Happy Saturday Everyone

Saturday, May 7th, 2016 12:40 pm
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At last a chance to sit and catch up a bit.

I am trying to be a good girl on my days I work a 9-5 and not switch on my computer, but rest and slob out in front of the TV, with an early night. There is still loads and loads to sort out, so I don't want to push myself like I had to last year. Hopefully I shall slowly be able to increase my "working" time, but at present I am trying to be sensible (shock, I know!!)

Yesterday I went to the dentist for my 4th appointment - which in theory should have been the crown placement. However on appt 2 (after the nerve removal) I was sore while she was drilling, and then the area hurt for the week, so last week it was no treatment but penicillin, however no change. So yesterday she took all the filling out and re-x-rayed, and drilled, cleaned, and put an antibiotic liner in, before re-sealing the root area. She was quite upset because if this doesn't work I lose the tooth. As it's a tooth #2 she is upset. I don't care about my own appearance (in fact I never ever use a mirror), but she is upset. So I had to comfort the dentist as I know she has done everything she can. The area is very sore, but whether that's the antibiotics working or not, I wont know till Friday ... watch this space.

Saw dad only briefly yesterday as he was in the activities room helping with a wall hanging ... well, he was sitting and laughing as the activities co-ordinator teased him into saying he was in charge of the 6 ladies there. Great to see him happy.

Sorry, I forgot the camera yesterday, but as I was dentist, then an hour at Mum & Dad's doing more clearing out nothing to photograph. So I thought I would share the pictures I took on my phone last week. The camera is not great (to me a phone is just to keep in contact!), but [ profile] dragonflylady77 challenged me on Instagram to post a nature picture a day for a week -Read more... )

And finally, as it's a weekend, and we haven't got thesun the rest of England has, here is some James to cheer us all up -

I'm Back ... I Hope!

Saturday, April 30th, 2016 03:29 pm
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To say the house is still chaotic is being polite, but at least I have "dug" my way through my study to find my computer again. I will admit I haven't looked at LJ since I last wrote something, so if there is any big news please let me know.

I thought I would re-start my lj-ing with this amazing link -

As someone who can not dance at all, it does mean that maybe I still have time to learn!!!

So either skip the scribbles, or make yourself a pot of tea, and open up the biscuits ...what I have been up to )

Group hugs !!
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Just a fly by visit to wish you all a Happy St. George's Day.

I had hoped to be back by now, but it will be another couple of days at least. I am getting unpacked, I almost have a lounge and bedroom again. However I have been delayed by the tooth work and Dad not doing so well.

Miss you, see you soon.
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Yesterday I was cleaning my teeth and heard a snap .... I have broken a crown off the tooth. Sadly I broke the tooth.

So, now I have 4 appointments booked ... the first of which will be to remove the nerve, and get ready to have a root post added.


Yes, I am still missing, but am busy as I am getting rid of my furniture, before Mum and Dad furniture comes in 10 days time. So at present I have boxes and boxes of china and ornaments, as well as boxes of similar plus books from M+Ds.

So it may be next week before I catch up properly.

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SORRY - I haven't looked at my friends list fror ages, I have comments dating back since Mum's funeral I haven't answered ... and yet I do miss you all.  I am hoping once the New Year settles I shall be able to get back to you all, and to my art work ... and maybe even some writing.

Quick update -

  • I managed to lose a front tooth last week (T&C took me out to Sunday lunch, and the peas fought back!!)  As it was a crown I managed to get it done again, the next day.  I had wondered as I had damaged the post, but Monica did wonders.  So I can smile again.

  • I have been "home hunting" for dad ... How depressing most of them are.  I did question in my mind if all the residents of one home were drugged.  However we all decided we want the best for dad.  Seeing as he is moving to be near me and Tim, it is a city ... so expensive.  However much we tried to talk our way to something cheeper, we just couldn't.  The manager will see Dad this afternoon, so hope it goes OK.  The home, while expensive, is a new purpose built unit for dementia, based on a 5* spa hotel.

  • So as well as sorting out Mum's stuff and the loft, I now have to sort out Dad's ... pictures, books, clothes, ornaments etc.

  • I also have to move all my stuff to my place.  I have always had a bedroom at M&D's ... 50:50 for everything, so that needs to change.

  • So far Nick, Tim & myself haven't fallen out over china, etc ... Only one item is wanted by all 3 of us and it is the bowl we saved up to buy them for their silver wedding in 1977.

  • Jiffy is fine ... well, biting his toes, but Marni says it is stress.  As my ecxma is back, I'm not surprised.

  • I have almost finished Dad's Christmas cards ... then I have to start on my own.

  • We have sorted Christmas ... will update as it happens (I hope)

Well I am sure there is more, as I haven't seemed to stop.

SORRY, again ... miss you

I Am A Liar!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 08:35 am
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I told you I would update ... and didn't... sorry๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Things were as ever busy as I ended up having a weird suprize double filling at the dentizt.

I also had to take Jiffy to the vets, take dad shopping ... and then organise for mums birthday on Sunday.

Tim and Claire came for the afternoon and tea ... so had a good time.

Yesterday I had to leave work early but instead of a snooze then had to go to town as my phone totally died.

Today I am aching and tired ... but off for the day out with my friend Christine ... having just sorted out meals.

I will try to post pics later .. and poss do the meme I have spotted on friends pages ... I will also try to catch up with those posts.

Off to catch a train ๐Ÿ™‹

Only Me

Friday, February 13th, 2015 08:39 am
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Thanks again for the amazing love ... the hugs are really reaching me.

Thank you especially [ profile] kudagirl .... you reminded me of a very simple fact ... however tired I get, whatever I feel like moaning, in the future I will be able to say I tried my best. I don't want to have regrets ... they are hard to live with. I just hope my brothers and families will feel the same.

I am going to catch up today ... I hope ๐Ÿ˜ ... but as ever the days sneak away from me

On an annoying note ... it's raining and I have a dentist appointment this morning ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
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I am starting this at the dentist while I wait for mum.

I know that I am being used ....THANK YOU to all those who have pointed that out ...but sadly if I don't do the caring no one will as ...."mum can manage" ... it's always been the fact that as I have always been single and always lived with them for weekends .... so I suppose I have created my problems. Sadly for anyone else she is "fine!" When Tim came for half hour last week and he was so pleased she is well ... so I think whatever I say or do they will just say I am exaggerating.

Still even though I am frustrated I do feel sorry as while in hospital she broke a tooth and has had to have the root removed ... so added to everything else it does seem unfair๐Ÿ˜ฑ

As for the decs one or two bits are down ... so I suppose I can say I am getting there. I will get back to my place about 9pm so will do some more

Oh well looks like mum is ready so will send this later ... it is great to be able to play now I have the tablet.... and have got hold of the internet codes.

To show I am playing ... let me share ...
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As you can possibly guess I'm not at work today - waiting to go back to the doctor ... I have an infection in a Wisdom tooth (started yesterday) and I'm on anti-biotics ... but just need stronger pain-killers, as the ones I have are not touching it!

Oh well, I can honestly say it's something new!

My Monday was spent at work ... and weirdly as I arrived the CD was already playing (they tend to have an assortment of "general" tracks) ... but this week I had to laugh as the first track I heard was a blast from the past - The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays

For some I know it will bring back sad memories ... but for me January 1979 was when I was taking my mock A level exams.

Also, on Monday, I proved a lot of people wrong. Everyone who knows me says I can't catch ... well, I caught a person!! A medical student, was in a clinic, came out of the room a bit wobbly. The receptionist saw her behind me, called my name and I caught her to take her down to the ground so her head landed in my arms ... so, yay, I can catch!!
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No news really!

I still have some more pictures to post from my trip to Sherborne.  Other than that my weekend has been it's normal busyness of running errands, housework, and playing with Jiffy (he is upset as it's now raining!).

I took Dad to the Dermatologist on Saturday and he got the all-clear on the marks on his face, so that's good news.  I saw a dentist on Friday as I broke another tooth ... the problem of having so many fillings as a teen is now catching up with me again.

I totally forgot the Sunday challenge over at [ profile] spuffy_haven, so posted some icons I made last year ... they are here if you want to see them.

I also haven't done any Blakes 7 icons for [ profile] b7friday ... and considering this weeks challenge is Art, that seems a bit worng.

Oh well, maybe I will get time when I get back to my place this evening.

Hope you are all well ... enjoy what is left of the weekend ... and wonder about who the new Dr Who will be!

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So here I am again - and as someone asked how the latest dental appointment went I thought I would scribble a post, in case anyone else is keeping up with this epic saga, that is taking longer than "Gone with the Wind"

I have finished the penicillin ... for which I am sure my tummy will be thankful (!), and had more "gunk" inserted in the hole. It was very sore ... so that was annoying. The dentist said I still have a red patch on the inside of my cheek, and on the roof of my mouth. She now wants me to leave it and hopes by Monday it will be finished ... if not ... back for more tests and treatment.

I had a short shift at work today which was nice as I got some actual housework done ... although I also ended up having a snooze when I sat down for a cuppa mid afternoon! (Blaming the pills, not old age!)

I have also uploaded some photos on my pc which are for some icons I am making ... as my theme is WWI.

So wondered if you wanted to see my family (mostly on Mum's side) ....

My family during WWI )

Hope you are all having a good day.


Another Week!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013 03:53 pm
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Sorry - I have been MIA quite a bit recently ... I will try to do better.

It makes sense, I suppose though, when you realise (as I said on Friday) I am now on my third lot of antibiotics, and that doesn't include the local treatment applications in the cavity. I have to go again to the dentist tomorrow, and hopefully that will be the end of it. One month today and I still have an actual hole left, although it is slowly healing.

The weekend was hectic - I spent Saturday cleaning the house in the morning, and gardening in the afternoon. Mum helped for about an hour, which was good to see her actually doing some physical work again. Her apathy has been hard to watch over the last year. On Sunday, after Church, I spent the afternoon helping Dad with his book. He is on the final (hopefully) read-through and the closer he got to the end, the more stressed he was, and that really affected his Alzheimer's. So, Mum volunteered me to read it to Dad, and check full-stops and commas as I went. We got about half of the 95 pages done, so I was really pleased.

Now it's Monday, and I only worked this morning ... now I am trying to catch up (if I missed anything in the last days/weeks) please let me know.

I have icons to make, and am watching Dr Who on the I-Player as I type this. So at least I am doing some catching up!

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The dentist!

Yes, you read that correctly - and I have to go again next week ... and I'm on my 3rd lot of antibiotics!

Yes the wound started to settle ... but that's as far as it went.  So I have the infection still there and getting worse - so I have antibiotics in the wound, and more to add next week .. as well as more penicillin tabs.

btw, for those who have lost track, it was 4 weeks ago today I lost the tooth!


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