Mount Edgecumbe 2

Friday, August 21st, 2015 09:55 pm
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The house is set in loads of formal gardens ... as well as a lot of parkland, with deer and sheep.  We walked for over 3 hours, chatting ... and taking photos (of which these are a few)

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Mount Edgecumbe 1

Friday, August 21st, 2015 09:14 pm
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Christine (from Church) and I drove to Cornwall to visit Mount Edgecumbe.  It is a Tudor house set in council owned grounds.  The house was gutted during the war, but the walls were pretty OK, so it was re-built after the war.  We had a great time ... lunch and then visiting the house first ....

Mount Edgecumbe House )
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Firstly, how are you all .... Hope all is going well for you.

I am back on antibiotics, as the bugs never went, and started to get bad again.  However the good news is that on Tuesday (photos to follow), Christine and I went out for the day ... and I drove (almost 4 hours, and walked for about 5) ... and I was OK.  The cranial treatment that I have been having has really helped.  Yes I still feel tired and achy, but that was the first drive I have done in a couple of years .... YAY

Mum & Dad are still about the same, although Mum is a bit more clingy on some days, and Dad tends to have real prob;ems finding his words some days.

I had been thinking of going to go to London for a day in November to get a photo with James, but yet again it's not to be, as even if he doesn't cancel with filming, the venue has moved to Brighton.  That makes the day trip totally impossible.  London would have been a long day, but I could have done it.  Oh well, I said a couple of years ago that I doubted I would get to see James .... look like I am being proved correct.

Well I think I have caught up with all the past comments ... still have to check up the [ profile] historamedy365  comments .... I have a few more finished on my 100 icon work -
Blakes 7 Icons
BtVS Icons
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As I said I went with Jiffy and my friend from Church on a lovely walk last week ... so just had to share the beauty of the afternoon ....

England at it's best )

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