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I am a member of [ profile] monthlydiaryday ... but yet again another month has gone by!

Still trying to catch up with some news on your LJ's ... but am sure I have missed loads.  I also have quite a few comments on my own LJ that needs to be replied to.  So will do a mini catch-up ....

  • Dad is not doing so well.  His vocabulary has decreased, and so it's very frustrating for him (and us).

  • Mum is not coping with Dad.  She is sure that he could "pull himself together" .... Sadly however many times I explain to her the sad truth of Alzheimer's her memory is not good either.  That doesn't help in general either as she accuses me of forgetting to tell her things.

  • Jiffy is doing well - he had a hair-cut last week, and Jackie said his skin is pretty well.

  • Saw this amazing hearse last week on a walk with Jiffy (did post on FB and Instagram)

 photo 11907376_10153574872792442_6768135140991036620_n_zpstf4lzfud.jpg

  • Today I managed to damage my right calf muscle as I skidded taking Jiffy for a walk.

  • Last Wednesday I played "hookey" from Mum!  I took the day off work - went to a stately home (photos to follow).  I also did a bit to sort out my back garden ... as well as sleeping a bit.

  • I managed to cut the grass yesterday, as well as get some work done with dad in his general garage clear-out.

Oh well I shall post this short note ... and try to get caught up with some letters I owe before heading out into the rain and to Exeter for the night.

Hope all is well with you all.
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Wow, can't think why I have not been on-line ... no real reason at all.  So here I am, and I must try to reply to owed comments.

My cough is still with me, but the GP now thinks I am OK ... in other words, it's stress.  As is the fact that I am getting jaw pain, which is also caused by me grinding my teethin my sleep - so next week I am being fitted for a guard to wear at night.  Even Jiffy is getting more skin irritation, which his vet thinks is aggrevated by stress.

The Bank Holiday weekend has been about the same as normal ... housework, gardening ... and repeat.  As Marni had talked to me about stress I realised I need to take Jiffy for longer walks ... so that has been a positive start to each day (for us both, I hope).  She had the sorrow of nursing her younger sister through terminal cancer last year, so can truly know what it is about.  She was just 40 when she died ... no age at all.

Well I must get on and reply to past comments, and try to catch up with your news ... if I have missed anything, please let me know.

Catch Up Time

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 08:43 pm
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Sorry ... I seem to start all my posts like that!

Thanks for the Birthday wishes .... I hope I managed to catch up with them all.  Sadly my birthday wasn't great as Mum was taken ill.  I had to take Dad to see the Dermatologist, and that clinic was running an hour late.  He got the all-clear, which was good news.  When we got back, mum was very wobbly, so rather than the Chinese take-away, I ended up making dinner.  In the afternoon I opened Tim and Nick's pressies.  Both my brothers know me well .... jewellery!  I have yet to get anything from Mum & Dad  ... but there again, that's not what life is about.

I went back to Exeter that night late, but after 1/2 hour in work I had a call from Mum to say she had collapsed.  So I ran, calling an ambulance on the way.  I then spent the next 3 days trying to get her to eat, and to drink.  We had to call out an ambulance another twice as she fell and I couldn't get her up.  She is now fine, but still feeling very week.

Jiffy had his op on his rectum on the Friday.  He had a small growth, which has tested as benign, although the vet warned it may return.  He was very sore for a couple of days, and then the heat increased, so he is flaked out again.

I did quite a lot of gardening, so that was back-breaking, but nice to be out in the fresh air.

Yesterday I had a rough day as I think the the stress, and the broken nights suddenly caught up with me.

On non-health notes, my computer had totally died, so I am back to square one, having to slowly upload everything.  I was really thankful I had taken out cloud cover.

Hope all is well with you all

PS - Hope you like the new icon, my brother bought me a t-shirt with that logo on.

I Am Still Alive!!

Monday, June 8th, 2015 09:04 pm
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Sorry I have been missing .... life is as hectic as ever.

Mum and Dad are not doing as well, with Mum not coping with Dad, and trying to do more so she gets tired.  Then she loses her memory a bit, and things go downhill.  Dad finds his vocabulary has decreased a bit, which makes life that much harder.

My ME has kicked in more.  I try to get a few minutes extra resting, but sometimes it just means I have to cut out the few hours I work.  The department is great, and I only leave after clinics are finished ... so they are happy.

Jiffy has had a bad ear infection ... so he is happy to have had a chance to go to the vets a couple of times.  He does love everything there.

I have managed to practice my clarinet a few times.

The garden is doing well .... so hard work, but it is nice to be out in the fresh air.

Sorry I haven't updated recently, or caught up with replies, but life tends to take over, and the few evenings I sit with mum and dad watching TV means a bit of a chance to unwind.  With mum not being able to see much, I tend to have to focus on the show ... we are watching through The Waltons .... it is interesting to rewatch the series.

Well I must get this finished as it's time to read the Bible for mum and dad, and then get them (and Jiffy) a cup of cocoa.

Will try to catch up soon, promise.

Miss you

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As I have my one evening off of the week, I was planning on another mini update, and realised that yesterday was the 12th ... so will do that instead.  As it was a day at Mum & Dad's it will give friends an idea of what a "non-work" day is!  Writing here and linking to [ profile] monthlydiaryday means I only have to type once!!

How to spend a day not at work! )

Instagram Photos

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 05:04 pm
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Someone asked if I could share my photos that I have taken over the past few days, for Instagram.

so peep here )

Happy Star Wars Day

Monday, May 4th, 2015 07:56 pm
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Just popping in to say Hi ...

Busy bank holiday, dad and I gardened this morning before the rain came.  This afternoon I took a car load of cuttings and weeds to the tip.

I have also managed to do some clarinet practice ... the lungs are doing ok, but the mouth is very sore.

Will try to catch up with comments later.

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I spent the "spare" time gardening with Dad. We have been working on cutting back the hedge that wasn't touched last year. Sadly the ivy has attacked again ... so quite a bit of dead stuff to remove ... Jiffy is happy as it means he can keep tabs on the neighbourhood cat easier 🙌

I have been getting bad at keeping up to date ... I am sorry. I have loads of photos to post .... will try and get them up tomorrow as it's my evening in Exeter.

As I haven't had much chance time to make icon sets I have decided to sign up for [ profile] historamedy365 .... and do two sets of 100 in the year. So later today I shall be posting my link charts on my icon journal. I am doing BtVS and Blakes 7 .... so the two series I have loved for ages.

It was lovely to attend Easter morning Communion with Dad ... such a special day to celebrate a special memorial service. Both Mum and Dad enjoyed their meal .... I even made a simple pudding. So a nice day.

Mum is not doing too well ... she can't sleep but doesn't want "more" pills ... I am trying to persuade her to at least speak to her doctor.

I am doing a lot better ... still in pain from the mid back down. But my arms and shoulders are much easier. I find my breathing easier and stamina much, much better. I very rarely get the sudden overwhelming tiredness, so that has been a wonderful improvement. The cranial treatment is slowing working.

Well I must get on ... I will try to catch up with comments later. Miss you.
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I am sorry I haven't been around, and although life is as busy as ever, I can't think of any reason for the MIA.

Dad and I have been getting on with the gardening ... and have now just about cleared this area. We are going to wait a few weeks and see what happens to the remaining ivy, etc. The plan is to lay stones where the grass/earth is so that it is easier to maintain from now on.

Dad & I busy at work )

Of course, it helped as we had our supervisor around to make sure we behaved ourselves ....Jiffy in his kingdom )

We did manage to see the sun turn moon-shaped ... but then the clouds came and we never saw it recover! It was very cold, especially as it was only 9.30am, the day hadn't actually warmed up before it got cold again -

A partial eclipse )

The weekend was memorable - Mum and Dad's 63rd wedding anniversary. Not that they did anything, but great to see that they both remembered the date, and talked of memories of that day.

Then 2 days later it was Tim & Claire's silver wedding. They had a day together, and sent me this photo -
 photo 24-03-2015_zpsjw7dy8gj.jpg

One of the reasons I have been busy is because it is the family celebration on Saturday, which I am organising, with Brenda's help.


Well other than that I can honestly say that I am mostly in a good place. The caring, etc, although hard work is now an organised routine. So, when things go wrong, at least I have my basic week planned to know what's happening.

Sadly I know that James is coming to Newcastle and I can't get to see him. I did say a couple of years ago I didn't think I would get to see him again, and it seems I am being proved correct. Still, there is good news in that he has been cast in the pilot of The Devil you know, so hopefully I will get to see him in that.

He is also recording "Ghost Story" by Jim Butcher, so that is something to look forward to ... I had tried to listen to the other version, but I just couldn't get into the characters without hearing James' version of the characters.

Well I must get on - although I am in Exeter, I have brought washing from Dad, and now need to iron to take it back tomorrow.

Hope all is well with you all.
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Last Tuesday I was doing loads of gardening as it needs doing, and we had great weather, so it was a good day.

That was until I skidded off a small wall, tried to save myself, and ended up landing on my side on the same wall .... a real acrobatic move 🙌

So I worked a half day yesterday, and ended up not working today. Nothing broken but very bruised.

And some people wonder how I got my nickname
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Lol ... had to take mum to hospital again. She had injured her thumb and it had become infected so she had to have it lanced, and the blood drained around the area. They haven't put her on antibiotics as they hope it will now heal, but I have to keep a check on it.

Poor mum ... she is having a tough year.

Anyway more gardening this morning .... as you can see here is dad carrying on when I came in to cook lunch. Here is mum, sorting out the chaos that I had apparently caused in the airing cupboard.

Mum and Dad )

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