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Cordelia got home about 1 a.m. I think she enjoyed the concert (Imagine Dragons) in spite of several anxiety spikes. It means that she and I each only got about three and a half hours of sleep. I let her go to bed without even brushing her teeth. My impression is that they'd have been back here a good bit earlier, but they got stuck in the parking structure for more than half an hour after the concert.

I went back to bed after Cordelia left for school. I slept another three or four hours (not sure when I actually fell asleep). I still want more sleep, but Cordelia will be home in an hour.

Rumors where Scott works are that there may be an opening for a supervisor on third shift. If there is, he wants to apply and thinks he has a good chance of getting it. Both of us have mixed feelings about it, but getting a supervisory slot on either second or third shift is the only path to advancement from where he is. The times he's applied for jobs off the factory floor, the decision has always come down to him and one other person who has supervisory experience. Even when supervisory experience isn't relevant for the position, it matters. The fact that supervisors make more money matters, too, but they get more mandatory overtime to go with it because there has to be a supervisor there if anybody's working.

It would mean that he and I would never sleep at the same time and that he'd no longer see Cordelia for that little bit of time before school (he never used to when she was getting up for a later start time). Another downside is that he and I wouldn't intersect for meals very often-- I'd eat breakfast before he got home and both lunch and dinner while he was asleep. I'd need to alter my daytime activities a lot so as not to wake him when playing music or watching DVDs. He thinks that I can do more than I did while he was on that shift temporarily, but we'd have to experiment a bit to find the parameters.

He did tend to get more sleep when he was (temporarily) on third shift and so would be more awake/energetic in the evenings, and it meant being able to deal with his medical appointments without taking time off.
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Topic Post: Ghosts & ghouls

Because, after all, who can resist? Your next prompt is:

Ghosts and ghouls (and things that go bump in the night)

Feel free to interpret the prompt any way you wish. All fanworks are eligible.
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I went downtown yesterday early enough to have time to return things to the library and to pick up my holds. I had a little more than forty minutes before the bus I needed to take to get to Skyline. I got out to the school about fifteen minutes before the final bell. Cordelia was a little worried about where to meet because I wanted to give her geometry teacher some Puffs as a donation (the district no longer provides tissues for teachers to put out for the kids who have colds/allergies).

The fundraiser stuff was in two smallish boxes, one of which only contained a beef sausage thingy and so didn't weigh very much. I told the cab dispatcher where we'd be waiting, but he neglected to tell the cabbie. Fortunately, he guessed the front entrance, and we'd positioned ourselves where we could see cars on both loops approaching that (there's one for buses and one for parents dropping off/picking up, but when there aren't buses there, cars can use either).

We had friends over to play games last night. We played a cooperative game called Star Trek Five Year Mission that Scott's planning to run at UCon. We missed a lot of details the first time through. I didn't play the second game because they wanted to do the timed version. I didn't want to deal with that. Instead, I took a short walk and recaptured the Ingress portal down the street. I managed to get a silver (second level out of five) badge for making fields.

I had intended to go out this morning, but Scott's sister texted me with an invitation for Cordelia to go out to a concert this evening, and I spent quite a long time trying to coordinate that (including reaching Cordelia to make sure she even wanted to go). I can only assume that my niece intended to take a friend and had that friend cancel at the last minute. I didn't ask.

I've written 1200 words today, just not on any of my established WIP. Because I needed a new, half completed story. Really, I did.
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Snagged from [personal profile] teragramm via [profile] nucleosides

Tattoos: No
Surgeries: Emergency gall bladder surgery about 15 years ago.
Broken bones: No
Shot a gun: Yes
Quit a job: Yes, several.

Flown on a plane: Yes
100+ miles in car: Many times
Gone zip lining: No
Watched someone give birth: Besides, myself? No
Watched someone dying: No
Ridden in an ambulance: Not an ambulance per se, the paramedics in the fire truck thing.

Been to:
... Canada: Yes
... to Europe: No
... to Washington D.C: Yes
... to Florida: Yes
... to Colorado: Yes
... to Mexico: Yes
... to Las Vegas: Yes

Sang karaoke: It was dark, I was drunk. *whispers* yes
Had a pet: Yes
Been downhill skiing: Yes
Gone snowboarding: No
Ability to read music: Yes
Rode a motorcycle: I was a passenger
Rode a horse: Yes

Stayed in a hospital: Yes
Ride in Police Car: No
Driven a Boat: Yes, sailboat, speedboat and fishing boat
Seen a UFO: No
Been on a Cruise: No
Run out of Gas: No
Eat Sushi: Yes
Seen a Ghost: Only in my dreams
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Seasonal Spuffy Round 22 – Spring 2017 – Index Post

As Time Goes By

It's raining index posts! \o/[personal profile] slaymesoftly has harvested links to everything that was posted during the spring round. If you missed some of the round and meant to go through everything after the index post arrived, *this is your lucky month*.

And a fantastic round it was! As befits the theme, we had an especially rich variation of settings. Enjoy. :)

Please let me know if something of yours is in the wrong place or even disappeared during my struggle with DW formatting. If your WIP has new chapters elsewhere that I haven't linked to, feel free to message me or leave a comment here, so I can add the extra links.

WIPs and NC-17 entries are marked in the list.

Fic Arranged by Season

Read more... )

Fic Arranged by Author
Read more... )

Read more... )
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Today is going to be kind of stressful. I have to meet Cordelia at school when the school day ends because the choir fundraiser stuff is coming in. I didn't see any way for her to be able to carry it home on the bus, so the best option seems to be me going there and then us getting a cab back.

Some of her teachers have requested Kleenex donations, so I can take those at the same time.

Cordelia has an appointment at 5:45, so we won't have time to waste on the way home. I wish the bus website was actually reliable about the bus that goes between Skyline and downtown. There are two or three different route variants (I've seen the A and C. I'm assuming there must be a B).

We'll get home from the appointment just in time to have friends over at 7:00.

I need to figure out a way to get myself to bed earlier in the evening. Scott and Cordelia really, really want me to watch TV with them which pushes getting ready for bed to 9:00 at which point, Cordelia generally wants to shower. I think that what I need to do is to get a second tube of toothpaste and to keep that and my toothbrush and bite splint in the kitchen so that I don't have to wait for her to get to done to be able to deal with that bit of my routine.

I still have the problem that 8:00 or 9:00 is the point when my writing brain suddenly turns itself on with great enthusiasm. Given that I can't get my body to nap, I have a choice between sleep and writing that's pretty frustrating.
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I must have done something yesterday, but I can't for the life of me remember anything. Somehow, time is getting away from me.

I posted a story for [community profile] weissvsaiyuki today. I still have four WIP that I would love to complete for the challenge, but I don't know if I'll manage any of them.

Title: One More Folded Sunset
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: T
Pairing: Crawford/Schuldig, background Crawford/Manx
Tags: Implied/referenced rape/non-con, Implied/referenced torture, Alternate universe - canon divergence, Alternate universe - dark, Ambiguous/open ending, Amnesia

//Brad, where the fuck are we?// Once he was sure he had a connection to Brad’s mind, he opened his eyes. He felt safer that way.

//Schuldig? I wasn’t— No. That’s not true.// Brad sounded uncertain, fragmented even, in a way that scared Schuldig even more than the odd landscape and his inability to stop walking. //The hill doesn’t look that big, but it will probably take you another half an hour to get here. Things… stretch. Sort of. You’re being watched. She can’t hear when we talk like this, but she’s watching, and she’ll hear if you speak out loud. I’d come to meet you, but… I can’t. I’ll explain when you get here.//

Schuldig knew Brad well enough to know when he was lying. You’re not going to explain anything. Well, we’ve been there before. I’ll get it one way or another. He rubbed his face with one hand. Why don’t I remember anything to explain this?

The story at AO3.
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Representation Matters (Or Why You Should Give Shadowhunters a Shot)

I finished up season 2 of Shadowhunters today, and I love that silly show. And I think you all might, too, so here's a non-exhaustive list for why you might want to give it a try!

1. There are a number of people of color, both in the cast and on the show, and about the most stereotypical thing that happens is one of the Latino characters makes tamales. (Although tamales are delicious, so 100% approve on that front.)

2. There is a canonically Jewish character who celebrates at least one High Holy Day on screen. (This shouldn't be as rare as it is, but there you go.)

3. Of the two main pairings, one is canonically queer. (And more adorable than a basket of kittens.) Also, there are other queer relationships and pretty much everybody is nbd about them.

4. There is a canonically bisexual character who is unapologetic about liking both men and women and frequently name-drops famous people, which is hysterical.

5. There is a canonically asexual character. (Although it's early days, and who knows if they will stay that way, but signs are good.) Also, they form strong platonic bonds with others, and it's not considered a problem or a result of damage.

6. The show deals with addiction in a realistic way and seems to get it right.

7. Magnus Bane is simply fabulous. (And rocks the guyliner.)

8. There are strong platonic relationships between men, and between women, and between men and women, and other than the villain and his cohort, there isn't a sign of toxic masculinity in the guys. Quite the contrary, in fact!

9. Sexual experience is treated as just that--experience. Both men and women get it on, and no one gets slut-shamed for it. Or virgin-shamed, actually.

10. There are some really nice themes around blood relations, chosen family, and friendship.

Now, don't get me wrong. The show has some issues (and a rather loose concept of time), and I wouldn't nominate it for an Emmy. But the character building is really strong, and if you're watching it for the relationships (which I do), I think it does a pretty good job, even when it rushes things a bit. Plus, the characters are layered (well, other than the villain, but I think he's supposed to be a fucking sociopath.)

I thought the second season was stronger than the first, but I think that's usually true, and I believe that both seasons are available on Netflix outside the US. I'm not sure about inside the US, but if you get the chance to check it out, and you weren't sure if it was your cup of tea, I thought I'd make this list.

Or maybe I've just warned you off, but now you know!
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I did eventually get to sleep last night. I ended up taking a second Halcion. I probably got about four hours of sleep. I'm going to have to find a way to nap today, or I'll end up too tired to manage anything myself by the time I need to eat dinner.

I'm not sure why my body wasn't willing to sleep. Scott and I took a moderately long walk, a bit more than an hour, around north campus yesterday. It would have been longer, but it started to pour, and we had to run for the car. I need to hack ten more new to me Ingress portals in order to get the silver badge for that. I'm entirely sure that I can find those on north campus. I just need to drag myself out there for it.

Maybe later today if I manage a nap.

Scott and Cordelia are both having trouble getting their phones to charge. Scott has to wiggle the connection until the charging starts and then not jostle it at all or it will stop. Cordelia's just having problems with the cord in the living room. Scott really needs to replace his phone, but we can't afford it.
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In spite of taking Halcion fully two hours ago, I haven't gotten anywhere near sleep so far tonight. I feel physically wide awake, so for once it's not my brain running in circles to keep me awake. I have no idea what to do. If it wasn't almost midnight and rainy, I'd go for a walk or something. There isn't really anything I can do with physical energy while everyone else sleeps.

I think I do have to get out of bed. It's a terrible idea, but it's better than lying here, looking at the ceiling.