Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Sam Danville Icons

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 07:17 pm
debris4spike: (James - HPI - Hanged)
And, I can see most of you asking who that is!  Well, you can guess the actor, if I say I had fun playing ... yes, James was Sam in the Sci Fi made for TV film "High Plains Invader".  Good but silly fun.

Anyway this set of icons was made for Round 61 of [ profile] character20n20 .... I am just hoping I got the colours right in the Cat Set, as we were given specific colours to work with ... hard for people like me to cope.

Anyway, here are the three teasers -

 photo SilhouetteCapture_zpsf976ac7d.jpg    photo Cat5_zps1fb5333f.jpg    photo AC4_zps9e35527f.jpg

The full set is here - )
debris4spike: (Saved the world.)
Having had a rough couple of days where I have slept all afternoon again, I had a good day.

No work this afternoon, as some clinics were cancelled as the physiologist is off sick.  So I had lunch and caught a bus into the city and took some jigsaws to a charity shop ... I am re-organising my bedroom.

So happy to have made a start at that, and even happier to be feeling a bit better again.

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