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Day 25 → a photo of you and your family

Obviously none this year - but here are a couple from the last few years. This one was taken when we were on holiday in Kos in 2007 ... we went over for a day trip to Turkey
 photo 151523_05_020_zpstiobjttj.jpg

2012 - Mum & Dad's Diamond Anniversary
 photo DSC_0219_zpscjzzdk5j.jpg

And, our last family photo - March 2015, on Tim & Claire's Silver Anniversary.
 photo DSC_0088_zpsba32yj6x.jpg

19th December

Monday, December 19th, 2016 12:21 pm
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Happy 120th Birthday Granddad!
 photo DSC_0252_zpssjss7nbj.jpg

Thank you NHS for 28 years of sight in my right eye. (I had surgery on that day for a torn and detached retina.)


In more up to date news I am still off work. Despite getting better last week, yesterday (at Church) I began to feel my chest tightening up, and this morning I woke coughing, and have only just stopped. My GP is puzzled, so that's totally me! My lungs sound clear, and I can take a deep breath with no problems. However she was concerned at my heart rate again. So, I have had a chest x-ray, and she has put me on antibiotics and steroids for 5 days, to see if there is something somewhere she has missed. As I had to go to the hospital, I went up to the department to apologise, and to find out how the Christmas Party had gone. Apparently it had gone "very" well!

Tim and Claire popped in yesterday afternoon to do a pressie exchange, so they are under the tree. Yes, I managed to get decs up ... not looking very even, but certainly festive!

Speaking of festive - this was on the radio this morning, so thought I would share ...

Just A Typical Day

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 02:46 pm
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This morning Dad and I listened to a double CD of hymns, and Dad wnted me to sing ... shows what a strong person he is if he can cope with that!!!  By then it was lunch, and they got a small amount of soup into him, as well as a small scoop of chocolate mousse.

Tim and Claire came in for 5 minutes, which was a "joy" .... I did learn that the house is exchanged, and the deposit paid, so we are letting them have a set of keys today so they can store stuff.  I have to go there this evening - and it's a Goodbye to the last family home for me.  I also have to take photos of the gas/elec/water meters, and Claire wants pictures of the empty rooms.  They were upset as they couldn't get tme off work and mentioned about the days going past .... I made the mistake of saying that I was worried about work, and they just said that I was OK to have the 3 weeks off with no questions.

About 10 mins after they left Nick arrived.  He was delayed as he had started work today, but apparantly had been called to a meeting and he is now suspended on full pay awaiting an occupational health report.  Hard for him as he has planned his lessons as from Monday, but good that the school is keeping an eye on him.  I had ordered him lunch (which had annoyed Claire), but was really glad I had when I heard this news.  He was only here a short time before he had to head off again.

This afternoon, as well as going to Mum & Dad's I have to take Jiffy to the vets.  He should have gone last week for a check up, but haven't wanted to be away from Dad ... today I just need to get him checked, as I have to take the keys there anyway.

Well as you can imagine, there's no real news.

I do want to say sorry for the lack of focus on your posts ... I hope I haven't missed anything vital.

This will be f-locked because of my Claire comment!!

My Daddy

Saturday, July 9th, 2016 07:54 pm
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Today Dad's Home had a BBQ for family and friends .... Nick didn't want to go, and he wanted to visit on the Friday, so that suited me ... a BBQ with Dad, and a great walk yesterday with Jiffy.

I got there soon after it started and arrived to be told Dad had already downed his glass of Pimms!! We then both had one!!! Dad had a special burger ordered, and we had a our dinner together. Tim & Claire arrived later, so that we could spend some time together before Dad went upstairs to rest.

Dad and his home )

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I thought I would post this picture of the family taken at Nick's 50th.  Sadly I couldn't get there as I was too ill .... maybe that is what caused some of the upset, but at the time it took me all my strength to drive the 2 miles to dad, rather than the 150 to Nick.

Anyway - here they are ...  )
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Well after a lovely time spent with Dad it was back to earth the following day!!  He was tired, so very tearful.  I had taken Jiffy along, so I suggested the 3 of us went for a walk downstaires.  That really helped as Dad loved watching Jiffy have a chat to another dog!

Yeasterday, Tim had a similar visit, and then he and Claire came o lunch at my place.  We then went for a long walk ... amazing to think I live in a city, about 2 miles from the centre, yet those first  3 images were taken about 5 mins walk from my house.

Just up the road )

We walked on through that park, crossed a road and kept walking to the Countess Wear Paper Mill. It is one of the few remaining buildings which formed part of a mill complex, extending over two hectares, and was operational between 1638 and 1885, although there were probably earlier medieval mills on the site as well.

The site, at various times, operated as both a corn and a paper mill with high-quality paper being produced from rags imported from Europe.

History watching )

Today I went to see Dad again, and yet again he was sad. I managed to get him to say what a lot of the problem is ... How much he has lost ... Mum, his memory, his health, his ability to do whatever he wants .... So hard to help because I agree with him.

Still we had a chat and a laugh ... which was the main thing.  When I got back I spent an hour or two trying to sort out my bedroom.  So much had been just dumped it was hard to know what was there.

Hope you are all enjoying things.  I now have ironing to do!!

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 26th, 2015 05:08 pm
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At long last I am getting a few minutes of time, and I hope that as the New Year approaches I shall be able to be regular visitor again.  So much of the future is settled, but still a lot up in the air.  However this post is more about Christmas ... I had hoped to post something in the last couple of days but life was hectic, and I was both exhausted and felt totally in limbo.

Thirteen weeks ago Mum, Dad & I were talking about Christmas and the vague plans for those times.  Now that Christmas is here, those weeks have paid a heavy toll on all of us, and has ended with "us 3 kids" feeling totally in limbo.

This was taken by one of the nurses at a Carol concert we went to at the home -
 photo DSC_0511_zpstdjja2lv.jpg

Christmas was still a special time.  Because of Dad, Nick and family came down Christmas Eve ... and came to me for lunch.  I had offered to cook, but they said that the chippy at the end of my road would be great.

Christmas Eve  )

Christmas Day started with a lovely walk for Jiffy and myself, then when we got back he KNEW that Santa had been to visit!

Santa Clause is coming to town )

I then went to pick up Tim & Claire, and we went to Mum's grave and onto Dad. Dad was snoozy when we got there but after a cup of tea, he was bright and cheery ... it was a joy to see. We chatted, laughed, and it was a joy to see Dad being Dad again.

 photo DSC_0543_zpsgz4zgcrp.jpg

And so back quite late to Tim & Claire's for Christmas Dinner.

My baby brother )

91 Years Young

Saturday, November 28th, 2015 09:20 pm
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As well as missing [ profile] petzipellepingo birthday, and then [ profile] deborahw37 yesterday, I am also a day late in posting this.

It must be hard to spend your birthday in hospital, but even more so when things are generally confused.  Poor Daddy.  As well as those of us in the photos, a couple of couples from Church popped in.  So by the evening he was pretty tired and stressed, but overall the rest of us have good memories.

And Jiffy came to )

In my "spare" time when not sorting out the house (of which I now have the whole lot to do) I am trying to find the right place for dad to live.  As I said in my last posting Dad actually spared me the decision, but sadly he now tends to think it will happen "now" .... but I haven't even seen one place, let alone made a decision ... and the hospital still have a lot of paperwork to do.

So my MIA continues ... hope all is well with you all.  Miss you.
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Yes, it was a good time.  Brenda and I managed not to poison anyone.  It was just a relaxing family day ... although there were a few tears choked while we listened to a recording of them taking their vows, especially as Dad was the person who married them.

Anyway, here are a few of the family photos - Happy Families )
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I am sorry I haven't been around, and although life is as busy as ever, I can't think of any reason for the MIA.

Dad and I have been getting on with the gardening ... and have now just about cleared this area. We are going to wait a few weeks and see what happens to the remaining ivy, etc. The plan is to lay stones where the grass/earth is so that it is easier to maintain from now on.

Dad & I busy at work )

Of course, it helped as we had our supervisor around to make sure we behaved ourselves ....Jiffy in his kingdom )

We did manage to see the sun turn moon-shaped ... but then the clouds came and we never saw it recover! It was very cold, especially as it was only 9.30am, the day hadn't actually warmed up before it got cold again -

A partial eclipse )

The weekend was memorable - Mum and Dad's 63rd wedding anniversary. Not that they did anything, but great to see that they both remembered the date, and talked of memories of that day.

Then 2 days later it was Tim & Claire's silver wedding. They had a day together, and sent me this photo -
 photo 24-03-2015_zpsjw7dy8gj.jpg

One of the reasons I have been busy is because it is the family celebration on Saturday, which I am organising, with Brenda's help.


Well other than that I can honestly say that I am mostly in a good place. The caring, etc, although hard work is now an organised routine. So, when things go wrong, at least I have my basic week planned to know what's happening.

Sadly I know that James is coming to Newcastle and I can't get to see him. I did say a couple of years ago I didn't think I would get to see him again, and it seems I am being proved correct. Still, there is good news in that he has been cast in the pilot of The Devil you know, so hopefully I will get to see him in that.

He is also recording "Ghost Story" by Jim Butcher, so that is something to look forward to ... I had tried to listen to the other version, but I just couldn't get into the characters without hearing James' version of the characters.

Well I must get on - although I am in Exeter, I have brought washing from Dad, and now need to iron to take it back tomorrow.

Hope all is well with you all.
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The bruises are really making good progress .... I am a lot more mobile.

The BAD news is that I burnt my arm making biscuits for Mother's Day. They tasted great, so not too bad ๐Ÿ˜„

Tim and Claire came over for afternoon tea. Tim had made some rice-crispy cakes .... they were great.

We had a nice time, including Claire and I taking Jiffy for a walk.

Now I must catch up with your comments.
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.... Where did it go?

The last couple of weeks has been as hectic as ever. Mum and Dad seem as muddled as ever. As lost as ever. It's hard to see them like this. Mum is sure every day is Saturday, neither of them can remember how to use a phone (luckily their neighbours are great), they forget pills, etc

So hard to deal with, and harder to know they are my parents.

I spend 2 1/2 days at work, but only one night at my place, so I don't get much chance to even turn on my pc (I am so glad that I have my tablet) .... I have signed up for one set of icons, but whether I shall get a chance to complete them.

As well as the "normal" things I do ... I have added extra gardening for him, cleaning brass and silver, as it's Tim and Claire's Silver Wedding Anniversary at the end of the month. They invited themselves, Nick and family, for a day .... so, surprise, surprise, more for me.

Hope all is well with you all.

I Am A Liar!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 08:35 am
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I told you I would update ... and didn't... sorry๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Things were as ever busy as I ended up having a weird suprize double filling at the dentizt.

I also had to take Jiffy to the vets, take dad shopping ... and then organise for mums birthday on Sunday.

Tim and Claire came for the afternoon and tea ... so had a good time.

Yesterday I had to leave work early but instead of a snooze then had to go to town as my phone totally died.

Today I am aching and tired ... but off for the day out with my friend Christine ... having just sorted out meals.

I will try to post pics later .. and poss do the meme I have spotted on friends pages ... I will also try to catch up with those posts.

Off to catch a train ๐Ÿ™‹

Mum Update

Friday, January 9th, 2015 09:33 pm
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Still at Mum & Dad's full time .... so still not able to catch up with you all properly ... am missing you.

Anyway, last night Mum was transferred to a Rehab unit 10 miles away as she is much better, but still has a way to go.

Her eventual diagnosis ended up as pneumonia, C Diff and a urine infection ... not suprising her temp hit 39.4 at one point, and that she was totally confused for a couple of days (sadly she didn't recognise me or Dad, which was very hard for him)

Dad is coping very well, considering ... so it's a case of slow steady steps.

On a happy note my brother Tim text me today to say he has put some money in my bank account as he knows I am not earning while I'm here ... what a darling.

Hope to see you all soon
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Guess who is waiting to check in with my doctor to get some cough suppressant!  Yes, I started another virus on Christmas Day, however the rest of my Christmas was much better than I had expected, so I am not upset.

The week before Christmas was hectic as Mum was ill.  Dad actually began to fight back from his downward spiral of memory loss, which was great to see ... and amazing that he was able to return to an improved state (not 100% by any means, but a lot better than he had been)

As I had shopped for Mum, taken Dad shopping and done their cards and joint Christmas shopping I hadn't expected a pressie at all ... but Tim & Claire had noticed this and phoned up and did their shopping ... so I had pressies!

Of course, so did Jiffy ... he loves Christmas, and even gets excited about undoing his new coat and a new lead!

Santa visits Jiffy )

I managed to not poison anyone, and everyone seemed to enjoy dinneras you can see )

We saw the Queen's speach ... and then had fun undoing our pressies.  I think this year everyone liked what they got ... no sellers on eBay!

The family )

Boxing Day ended up as a truly lazy day, and then on the 27th we went to Tim & Claire's for lunch, and afternoon tea.  We normally stay till late, but this year changed it slightly and it seemed more relaxed that way.

Tim & Claires )

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 12:32 pm
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 photo christmas-7_zpsrmobbnla.gif

I hope that you all have a lovely day tomorrow, however you spend it.

I shall be at Mum & Dad's (am going in a moment), and doing the cooking for the day - Tim & Claire are coming over; and hopefully we will go there for lunch on the 27th, but it will depend on how well Mum is by then (she has C Diff).

I know that I owe replies ... but this last week totally got away from me organising all our Christmasses! I will try and get some internet access at some point ... if not, it will be a case of seeing you at some point.

I do miss you!
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On the Saturday all the family arrived to celebrate Dad's birthday.

Andrew was the first to arrive as I picked him up from the station (my brother Tim had arranged to do that, but somehow decided it would be too much, so organised me ... still it meant I got a chance for a bit of a chat with him, so that was good).  About 1/2 hour after we got back Tim & Claire arrived, and about 10 mins later Nick & Brenda and the remaining 3 boys arrived ... so all there!

Brenda and Claire had arranged the food between them ... to make things easier, although I still had the house to organise, and bought the drinks.  Claire did dinner, and Brenda puddings (home-made cheesecake and pineapple upsidedown cake ... yummy!)

Dinner is served )

Then Dad had a snooze while some of us took Jiffy for a walk ... and so to the pressies from the N&T
 photo DSC_0426_zps06fce226.jpg

As ever when family get together it's a time of relaxation and chat ... although I know that old habits die hard and as I find myself retreating as I did when I was bullied as a teen.  I love my family dearly, but even they can make me feel on the outside.

The family )

And so to tea.  Again, Brenda had made cakes (Joey had made brownies) and Claire had done the savouries.

Although, Mum made the actual cake - she has always made him one and despite her sight problems, still wanted to do it.

Tea" )

And sadly soon time to head home ... well, it was eventually.  Nicks diesel car had a flat battery, so Tim went and bought jump leads from an all night garage ... and plugged it onto my car

 photo DSC_0474_zps3ba1ee42.jpg

A good day - and another one that Dad enjoyed.


For the observant - there was a bunch of flowers on the table.

When Dad went out to buy the paper he came back with them.  He knew he wanted to buy them, but couldn't (sadly) remember why.  Well, Mum & Dad moved in together 18 months after their marriage ... the week of dad's birthday, and since then on the Saturday after his birthday he has always bought her a plant or flowers.  So sad he had forgotten the reason, but lovely to see the thought was still there.
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Sadly as I sort of expected my symptoms don't fall into any real catagory .... the consultant has done some more blood tests, which I will get the results of next week, but other than that it will end up with a "post-viral" diagnosis!

So, I still hurt, and feel week (although my muscle strength is fine, as is my blood pressure and heart). At least he didn't tell me that my exhausting tiredness was due to my age!

So, no news at all, other than knowing what I don't have!

Over the weekend M&D and I went to a pub lunch with Tim & Claire. It was nice to have an excuse to only do half a day of gardening ... and even nicer to see Claire looking so well - 7 1/2 months after her mastectomy. Mum & Dad have not been at all well over the last couple of weeks. Sadly Dad's Alzheimer's has taken a big step .... Mum has had a couple of weeks of intense pain, but at least is a bit more mobile now.

M&D and T&C )

So, no news for me, but at least nothing nasty is going on.

Hope all is well with you all
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Just spent this last week either at work or in bed ... totally exhausted again.

So haven't turned my computer on.  .... just here to check e-mails and let you know I'm still breathing.

Couple of updates -

  • Claire is still slowly healing and at long last her specialist is pleased with progress.

  • Mum is finding life tough ... the pills are hormone based and .... Dad's Alzheimer's has taken a bit of a step.  So hard to see that at weekends ... and hard to know it's there when I step away at weekdays.

  • Dad has more surgery on his face tomorrow - the mole they cut out a month ago went well, but they didn't cut a big enough margin, so taking him there.

Well I must get dressed and get to work.

Mum & Dad don't know but on Saturday Tim & Claire are coming for lunch ... her first trip out ... to celebrate M&D's 62nd, and their 24th Wedding Anniversaries.

I know I must have missed loads - if so let me know what's happening ... sorry that I have been MIA

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