Saturday, September 3rd, 2016 02:21 pm
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Thank you for the love and hugs - yes, I will get round to replying tomorrow, but rest assure the words have meant so much

More scraps?
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Many, many thanks for the person/people who nominated some of my icons for wicked_awards ....  2 Star Trek icons and 2 BtVS icons.

I am totally shocked - more thanks than ever.

Only Me

Friday, February 13th, 2015 08:39 am
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Thanks again for the amazing love ... the hugs are really reaching me.

Thank you especially [ profile] kudagirl .... you reminded me of a very simple fact ... however tired I get, whatever I feel like moaning, in the future I will be able to say I tried my best. I don't want to have regrets ... they are hard to live with. I just hope my brothers and families will feel the same.

I am going to catch up today ... I hope 😐 ... but as ever the days sneak away from me

On an annoying note ... it's raining and I have a dentist appointment this morning 😬

I Have A New Toy

Sunday, February 8th, 2015 09:53 pm
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Brilliant to get to Church this morning although weird to be prayed for while there. Weird but nice. Everyone has been very thoughtful .... as they have seen my year of struggle and have seen me having to stand during services as the seats cause my legs to cramp . They also know about Dads Alzheimer's so know part of what I am going through. Sadly there are others at Church who are suffering... 3 with on going cancer and 2 of the ladies have recently had hip replacements after breaking them

When I got back I made lunch although that ended up delayed as Dad got stuck in the bath and I had to lift him out!!

After dinner I did the washing-up while Mum and Dad had a snooze then I took Jiffy for a walk.


The overall good news is that I have treated myself to a small tablet so I am writing this so that I can post it when I get internet .... I still have to register it .... so will do it when I get home tonight. I hope it/ helps me to keep up with LJ ....although I have to try to get the codes for Dads internet router. I keep the code of mine on the bottom of the connector.

I won't have time to get to answer your previous comments although they were amazing and really mean so much. Your love and support has truly meant so much .... THANK YOU more than I can
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Having a tough few days at present so wondered what I could post ... but I turned on LJ to find this link waiting for me from my lovely Texan friend - thank you so much [ profile] kudagirl

She knows I love 'raffes ... isn't he lovely?
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I keep saying that I am going to do an update, but procrastination is more my friend than ever.  Then when I get a few moments I cant decide what I want to say, so I have snagged the book of days meme from [ profile] kazzy_cee

A bit of a catch up meme )
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Yay - look at my new icon!

[ profile] teragramm made a couple of lovely wallpapers last week, and I asked for an icon ... so look at my pressie.  She has also sent me links to help me to  make these beautiful images.

Thank you so much [ profile] teragramm you are a grea friend.
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You made me happy ... and continue to make me happy!

The lovely comments and support I have had from you over these last 10 months ... and especially to the post I made at the end of last week really means a lot.

For years I didn't have that loving support, so it means so much that at the time I really need the help, I have you .... I shall comment on them individually soon(ish)

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I really needed this - and it made me both smile and shed a tear ... thank you so much [ profile] kudagirl

 photo tumblr_mznf1dS1An1rgi7odo1_400_zps8030c5c1.gif

And so to updates ...

Firstly The Orchestral Concert.

The concert itself went really well ... and even better, for me, is one of the "new pieces we played at this concert is one of my all-time favourite pieces. Albioni's Adagio in G Minor for strings and organ. I love it ... the first time I heard it was as the theme for the film Galipoli back in 1981, and actually had to listen to all the credits to find out which piece it was. If you don't know it, then -

We had a reasonable number in the audience (they ran out of programmes, so that's a good sign.

However the drive almost killed me, so I spent the day on pain killers, and the next day in bed. But I am still glad I did it. It took me a long time to get those clarinet skills, so I would hate to lose them for the sake of the drive to Bude.

Now, the Health Update.

As I said, I had a rough weekend.  I went back to my doctor on Wednesday and there was not much to show on the blood tests, which means it is still probably viral.

The good news is that she put me on some mild anti-depressants, which means I am no longer crying all the time, and also much of the constant intense pain is easier.  So, she upped the dose slightly.

The bad news is that my mobility and muscle ache is rapidly getting worse.

So, she is going to send me to see a rheumatologist ... the guy she wants me to see is good, and a nice person (as I have worked in his clinics).  So now I have to wait for the referral letter (which I collect Monday) and then book the appt.

I am determined to keep going though, as otherwise mentally I will be a mess, but I shall have to see what my body thinks of that plan!
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I am really sorry to say how disorganised I am at present - and so many of you were so kind to wish me a Happy Birthday ... I loved the PM's ... thank you so much.  Thank you [ profile] spikereader for the card, and [ profile] pfeifferpack for the e-card,, as well

Ene nicer were the virtual cakes and hugs .... Thank you especially to ...

[ profile] ayinhara
[ profile] downunderdeb
[ profile] enigmaticblues
[ profile] kudagirl
[ profile] laimelady
[ profile] lupina78
[ profile] petzipellepingo

Sorry if I missed any posts.  I got loads of wishes over on FaceBook as well, and I shall go over there this evening to thank people.

I had a good birthday, although when I got to Mum & Dad's they were a bit in a weird mood ... so I took Jiffy out for a walk, and then things all got back on track!

They had planned to take me out for a pub lunch, but a neighbour popped in with some gooseberries, and we were late, so we had take away fish/chicken pie & chips ... very scrummy!

In the afternoon I took them shopping for some lino, as they are going to get their kitchen done ... I am sure that anyone else in the shop would have been laughing at me trying to describe what the assorted patterns/textures looked like!

Then we sat in the garden and chatted.

So a nice day overall.

Thank you again

Will update on everything else later, and catch up on comments, but wanted to get this done.
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Thank you to the amazing someone who has given me a cuddly bear - I really needed that so much.

Thank you
*hugs* you tight.

Birthday Thanks

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 05:06 pm
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Well I had a fun day yesterday ... and I just want to say Thank You so much for all who left messages, especially over here on LJ ... as FB still annoys me.

However, for those who missed my thanks yesterday I have already said a special thanks to 3 wonderful people ... [ profile] jaded_jamie for my video ... here if you missed it and for [ profile] comlodge  or her picture of my dream day, and [ profile] kudagirl for a drabble and a James picture ... both of which are here, if you missed them

Anyway - thank you to those special people ... but also to [ profile] spikereader for her lovely card, and [ profile] pfeifferpack for her e-card.

I had cakes from [ profile] laimelady [ profile] petzipellepingo and [ profile] oldgreymare (via FB) .... [ profile] yumimum  gave me a lovely Spike picture ... and I had greetings from [ profile] ayinhara [ profile] cordykitten [ profile] downunderdeb [ profile] edenskye [ profile] enigmaticblues and [ profile] strikske ... as well as PMs from [ profile] crimson_newmoon [ profile] larabeckinsale and [ profile] teragramm

Over the time I also had comment-messages from [ profile] diebirchen[ profile] elisi[ profile] fudgepickles[ profile] sarian71 and [ profile] kazzy_cee.

Even though I don't like FB it was great to hear from friends ...especially those no longer on LJ .... such as [ profile] aa_eve_aa [ profile] auntiero[ profile] caliente_uk [ profile] cryssiemarsters[ profile] deborahw37 [ profile] hexebusterjaxon [ profile] mad_brilliant_ [ profile] oldgreymare[ profile] spikereader[ profile] ukchrisp and [ profile] xheartrockx

I just hope I haven't missed anyone out - Thank you all so much.

Group hugs

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I had greetings from around the wold ... but 2 very special people did some hard work ... and this is what I woke up to this morning.

Thank you [ profile] comlodge -

 photo 99348_original_zpsce297f40.jpg

Thank you [ profile] kudagirl -

Title: My North Star
Prompt: North/South
Setting: Season Six
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not Joss, just me, no money, just love.

∞ ♥ ∞ ♥ ∞

She was my North Star and now she is gone.
I could have left, but I had made a promise to a lady.
Till the end of the world. Even if that happens to be tonight.
So here I am playing at being a white hat.
Some days I’m the muscle they depend on to take down the evil.
Some days I’m the babysitter for the Bit.
There are times I long for the days of fists and fangs.
Then Dawn pouts and looks so much like her it breaks my heart into shards.
Till the end of the world.

 photo Debris4spike_2013_zpsa150ac26.jpg

Aren't I a very lucky girl ... thank you more than I can say.



Thursday, February 7th, 2013 05:23 pm
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..............VERY MUCH

To the lovely person who has given me some spendy-tokens for LJ ... What a lovely suprise - something I really needed this week.

If you let me know who you are that would be great - but thank you, whoever you are.
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LJ seems down - so have had to post here, and cross-post!

What a year – Wish I could focus more on writing this, but sadly the bugs are still fighting!

Anyway – 2012 has been an amazing year. Internationally we had the Olympics, and Nationally the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee … and for our family, it was Mum & Dad’s 60th Wedding Anniversary.

It was wonderful to see Annemarie again after a gap of 18years. Her trip in May was super, both to see her again, but also in the boost it gave Mum & Dad. Other than that my time off was my mini trip to London, with a few local day trips thrown in.

I have now been living in my house for a year and have just over 1/3rd decorated … and I plan to do my kitchen and lounge before Easter! I got very lazy with writing; craft and art work … so I really want to get that back into focus next year.

Health wise it has been more about Mum & Dad’s slowly declining health. They are doing well, really, but it is still sad to see what this year has brought them. For me, a torn calf muscle ruined the summer, and now this viral chest infection has wiped out December.

But when I look at others I realise that life is good – so much to thankful for.

Mostly, my friends here that have continued to support me – Thank you so much … you are amazing.

I hope and pray that 2013 will be wonderful and that you will see your dreams coming true – I have a few wishes, but like with the blowing out of birthday candles, I don’t want to say, as I know they won’t come true!!

Happy New Year – Thanks for being there in 2012 – Looking forward to spending time with you in 2013.
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The bugs are still fighting - for the first time in years my asthma is horrific andam using my inhaler every couple of hours rather than it's normal once-a-month usage.  Can't sleep for coughing, and so am aching all over.

However I managed a short shift yesterday and am working for the next 2 1/2 days before 10 days off for Christmas.

Today has been super-titing, but good - I got all my cards written Monday afternoon, letters done last night and this morning and posted at lunchtime ... so hope I got all of you remembered ... with huge apologies for those not living in England as they will be late.

Speaking of which - thank you [ profile] kazzy_cee and [ profile] edenskye for the cards ... great!  Really making the place look festive now.  Tomorrow I shall try to get the missing meme pictures up - they are mostly taken, just need to have some quality LJ time.

I still have shopping to do for the family, although had done the main bits last month, so that is good.

Tonight is ironing ... lots of it ... but thought I would share this picture of James, taken by his wife (and shared on Facebook) ... and reminds me of my photo with him last year ... points to icon.

Happy Christmas James )

As before, if I have missed anything important, let me know.  I hope normal [ profile] debris4spike service will resume ... you have been warned!

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Thank you so much [ profile] kudagirl  for the great little friend I now have sitting on my profile keeping me company.

Had a busy and enjoyable week at work, yet had a really emotionally low couple of days.

I suppose it was working on Maternity (which occasionally gets to me) and knowing that I won't be seeing James this weekend even though he is due to be over here. 

Not seeing James is overall emotionally the correct choice as I know a general con would finish me off emotionally.  I have made so many small, but positive steps, over the years, but something like that would set me back.  Silly at 51 to say I can't cope with something - but maybe by saying it is a positive sign!

However not seeing James is really hard.

Sad, aren't I?

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Thank you so much [ profile] kudagirl  for the great little friend I now have sitting on my profile keeping me company.

Had a busy and enjoyable week at work, yet had a really emotionally low couple of days.

I suppose it was working on Maternity (which occasionally gets to me) and knowing that I won't be seeing James this weekend even though he is due to be over here. 

Not seeing James is overall emotionally the correct choice as I know a general con would finish me off emotionally.  I have made so many small, but positive steps, over the years, but something like that would set me back.  Silly at 51 to say I can't cope with something - but maybe by saying it is a positive sign!

However not seeing James is really hard.

Sad, aren't I?

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It's going to be hard to list everyone who sent greetings my way, as I had messages on LJ, CDS (a James fan board) ... and a load on that dreaded FaceBook.

I do want to say special thanks to the kind someone who has left some flowers on my profile - they really brighten up the place ... just wish I knew the actual person to hug ... Thank you.

As I said in an earlie post I had a card and a video from [ profile] kudagirl and from [ profile] jaded_jamie.

However I also had messages from [ profile] edenskye ,  [ profile] mabel_marsters ,  [ profile] enigmaticblues ,  [ profile] laimelady, [ profile] petzipellepingo ,[ profile] ayinhara , [ profile] cbtreks , [ profile] illuminanted , [ profile] lupina78 , [ profile] auntiero , [ profile] cordykitten  and messages from [ profile] crimson_newmoon ,   [ profile] fudgepickles

I had a great e-card from [ profile] pfeifferpack

Then, via FB I had messages from [ profile] aa_eve_aa ,   [ profile] caliente_uk ,   [ profile] cryssiemarsters ,  [ profile] deborahw37 , [ profile] dragonflylady77 , [ profile] fenchurche , [ profile] larabeckinsale , [ profile] mad_brilliant_ , [ profile] oldgreymare ,   [ profile] spikereader , [ profile] ukchrisp , [ profile] yumimum  and a couple of others who doubled up their wishes, and one who doesn't like to be listed to link LJ & FB.

I think I got you all - it was just so lovely to feel love and wishes coming from all round the world. 

Thank you - one and all.

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