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Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 08:21 pm
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For those you read my long-delayed update (here, if you missed it) I forgot to say that I won't be posting photos here (or on Facebook) while I am away. With an unusual surname it would be too easy to track that my house is empty. However I have set up a Wordpress Blog to occasionally update ... if you want to follow me, please ask for the name.

Well I didn't get round to answering your comments did I? I would imagine it will be this weekend before I get full focus.

This morning as I was taking Jiffy for a walk I saw the signs uo for the Polling Station ... I was suprised I hadn't voted, until I realised that they had put the signs up a day early!  Yes, I will be voting tomorrow.

Hope things are OK ... *hugs*

No News

Saturday, April 1st, 2017 02:53 pm
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... since my big update of last week.  But thought I would at least type that as I have been missing so much over the last couple of years!

So nothing new on any of those points, although I have had a bit of a rough week with the chronic fatigue.  I fell asleep last Sunday evening and missed Church.  Then on Thursady I left work early, and fell asleep for the whole afternoon and missed Church music group.  However I have been a good girl and not got upset over it.  Today I am feeling quite a lot better, although got up late and am missing the gym.  Still I have made some spicy biscuits and aim to do some more knitting of my cardigan this afternoon, or evening.

One other thing is that I joined www.photocrowd.com which is free ... thought it might challenge me more on the photos.  Although if I am as bad with that as I am with [livejournal.com profile] photo_scavenger it won't help at all!

Oh well, as I said, no news ... so hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  You never know I may get some comments answered today!
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I owe replies, I haven't caught up with my f-list .... I am just so, so bad!

But I am determined to start catching up, starting today.  In about 1/2 hours time Jiffy and I are heading out to pick up my friend Christine, have a walk and lunch at a doggy friendly place.  I am taking my camera but as the decorator is still in I can't get at my main computer so won't share today .... but will asap.

Anyway, what's up with me?  Not much!

I am having my kitchen painted at present, and yesterday the same painter finished painting my bedroom.  The carpet arrives next week.  So hopefully as the days and weeks now move on I shall be able to start packing things away in their permenant homes.  I have decided to have a sunlounge off my kitchen, so there is that to confirm and book ... and then the only thing I will eventually need is a new lounge carpet and the room painted.

No further on my holiday plans, as I am waiting for Annemarie to confirm the dates with her.  So annoying, as I dare-say flights, etc will be going up in price.   So am still at the vague point of Oregon - LA - San Fransisco - Visiting a friend in Missouri.  Will update, when I can.

Jiffy is doing well - slightly confused by stuff being moved around all the time, so it will be nice to get him settled again.

Having been a bit on-off with the gym, I have gone twice last week, already once this week, and booked for a class on Friday.

I have had a week or two of drifting, but I am determined to get myself back on track.  I will catch up with comments, re-post a gift I owe (!), and try to keep up to date with all your journals.  Bear with me - I will get there!

Well I had better get on and get Jiffy ready.

I know I have missed a few birthdays over this last week sorry - but on the day that would have been Mum's 89th birthday, I do hope you had a good day, and the year ahead is special.

Be back later *hugs*


Saturday, December 31st, 2016 11:40 am
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 Just to say that I am sticking with Livejournal, but I know some of my f-list are moving, so if you still want to keep in touch are are not going to cross-post, can you please add me, or PM me and I will try to keep up to date with you.

LJ has had a couple of panics while I have been with it, and people have taken out other acconts, yet we have all survived.  So I plan to wait this one out, as well.

A Proper Post!

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 12:22 pm
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I am so busy spamming you with London photos, as well as managing to keep up to date with the December Meme that I haven't actually done a proper post in ages ... so here goes.

  • First, I am so sorry, but I forgot to post Birthday wishes to [livejournal.com profile] gillo and [livejournal.com profile] shaddyr yesterday.  I truly hope you both had lovely days, being spoilt by those you love and that the coming year will be a truly special one.

  • I have just got back from the doctors.  I have been signed off for the rest of this week with the option to just phone in on Monday if I still feel rough.  It is being called a viral chest infection, but basically exhaustion on top of that.  I have had viral chest infections most years, normally lasting about 5 - 7 days, so it's obvious when my body has to slow down that's what gets to me.

  • Jiffy has another bad skin infection, so he was happy to go and see Marni for a cuddle (and anti-biotics!)

  • My new kitchen worksurface arrives tomorrow.   So when I finish this I have to clear all the surfaces.

  • I really need to get organised for Christmas.  I think I have done most of the shopping, but need to sort it out and post things off.  I haven't even thought about cards, but already received some, so I must focus.  Maybe I will try to get started tomorrow while my kitchen is being dismantled.

  • Yesterday I had a suprise phone call.  The person who had been Mum's friend while they were at school during the war.  They lost some of their closeness when she married, and then Mum moved away, but have still kept in touch and visited .  She just phoned to find out how I was coping.  So that was really lovely.

Well, anyone who is still awake wins a special award.

Now, I will post some more London photos later! But to finish, a Christmas song I heard on the radio this morning -
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No more photos for another couple of days, no time to check my f-list .... Life is still taking over.

I have got rid of the stuff, mostly, around the staires, but still have some furniture to move, so almost ready for the decorators to return for the next time.

On Sunday I did pop to visit Auntie Joyce.  Spoke to Brenda and she had persuaded Nick not to do the trip, which I agreed with.  He is not coping at all.  His work have been great, but even that hasn't been the answer, although it has helped him.  At least he is admitting he can't cope with life, so that's positive.  Brenda is busy at work, and coping with Nick, plus being taxi driver to the 3 younger boys!  So, I left here at just before 9am, having taken Jiffy for an early walk, and stopped for lunch and eventually got there at about 2.15pm.  The nurse said she is actually doing OK, and they hope to discharge her home sometime this week.  I stayed about 2 hours, and headed back home.  Stopping for tea, and getting stuck in traffic, I eventually made it hope about 10.30pm.  Jiffy had been a good boy, and "kept his legs crossed".

Poor boy, especially as yesterday the weather was horric, so another day without a real walk again.  I was shattered all day, but an early night and a later start today have helped me to feel more human again.

In a minute I am off to the solicitors to "swear" the probate on dad's will.  Then back to work again this afternoon.

Work tomorrow, but then an extra day off to start sorting things out (ha, ha).  So hopefully I shall get some photos sorted and up, and get comments answered.

Sorry - will try to be a better friend soon, I promise (fingers crossed)
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Something else to stop me watching dad breathe! Another meme - this time snagged from [livejournal.com profile] i_love_freddie

44 Odd Things You Don't Know About Me

1. Do you like blue cheese?   No

2. Have you ever smoked?   No

3. Do you own a gun?   No

4. What is your favorite flavor?   Mint, lemon

5. Do you get nervous before Doctor visits?   No

Read more... )

100 Truths

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 02:29 pm
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Procrastination taking over again!!  I am meant to be doing some housework, but instead I have snagged a meme from [livejournal.com profile] marishna

Spent some time with Dad today who has had another mini stroke yesterday.  He is very tired, but fortunately can still eat and drink OK.  Nick was saying that he thinks Dad is beginning to feel he has had enough, as he has been more quieter recently.  But he srill knows us all, although forgets we have been within 5 minutes.  We know he is happy and well cared for, so ultimately that is the important thing.

Well I had better get on and do some sorting out.  Will post the Tor pictures this evening, and get round to answering comments from the last few posts.  Enjoy you day.

100 Truths )
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This morning I was getting organised, cleaned my glasses, handcream on ... and smeared my glasses.

I said "Blow"

And Jiffy sneezed!!!!

One clever boy!

Just An Easy Meme ....

Thursday, July 28th, 2016 08:31 pm
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.... Am watching an episode of Hercules, and I should be writing a letter, but as ever I am procrastinating.  So having gone on Facebook to wish a work colleague a birthday greeting, I have snagged this meme

Procrastination rules! )

Oh well, that was quick, so I suppose I can't put things off any longer!!
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Screenshot Your Desktop

Well, as I said in my last post, which yes I know I still have to reply to (I am meant to be sorting books instead of here!!!), I now have new Windows, so am finding my way round.  I have set my desktop to shuffle my pictures, and as it is only this last 18 months I will have to download some James pics from my cloud to liven it up!!  So, the first shot is -
Jiffy, of course )

Oh well, those books won't sort themselves. I will return later, to reply to people before you all ignore me and to post some photos, after all it is Friday.

See you soon xx

Guess What ...???

Friday, May 20th, 2016 03:24 pm
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Yes, I've been missing again!

I popped in to do my Seasonal Spuffy, but other than that have been missing.

Tomorrow I am meeting Tim at Mum & Dad's to do a (probable) final sort.  We have a finalisation date for late June, and what we have decided to see if we can do is a Charity House Clearance.  So they empty the house, clean, and tidy ... and sell whatever they can.  If their hours are more than their sales, we pay, if not we make a donation if we want.  I really had a lump in my throat when I heard the news, although I had known it had been sold for ages.

I didn't work yesterday (photos to follow), but have made a concerted effort to sort out my study, as there will be more kitchen stuff coming, and I need to have somewhere to sort the boxes while I am unpacking.

So, no Photo Friday, no time for a read through of my f-list (I am so, so sorry) ... but I do have some photos to share.

Sorry - I will be better soon, I promise.

Off Work ... Again!

Thursday, May 12th, 2016 11:38 am
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Don't know why!  I wasn't feeling great on Sunday, in fact didn't make it to Church, but after a slow walk with Jiffy and a chat to Dad I felt OK.  However not so good on Monday morning, feeling very wobbly so phoned in sick.

Tuesday I only work afternoons, and felt OK in the morning, but by the time I got to work I was feeling drained.  I saw the 4 patients I had to and headed home exhausted.

Wednesday went into work, to be sent home.  Apparantly my face looked more grey than my hair!!  So have taken today off as well.

I think the conclusion is, in that trying to save my ttoth I had a strong dose of penicillin, and then had anti-biotics in the actual root itself.  I have only just started to feel better after my virus, and last year, so just had no reserves left.

So I am pottering at sorting out the books in my study, and the CDs that were mum's.  Being a good girl, but keeping positive as well.

Hope you are all well xx

I'm Back ... I Hope!

Saturday, April 30th, 2016 03:29 pm
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To say the house is still chaotic is being polite, but at least I have "dug" my way through my study to find my computer again. I will admit I haven't looked at LJ since I last wrote something, so if there is any big news please let me know.

I thought I would re-start my lj-ing with this amazing link -

As someone who can not dance at all, it does mean that maybe I still have time to learn!!!

So either skip the scribbles, or make yourself a pot of tea, and open up the biscuits ...what I have been up to )

Group hugs !!
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Just a fly by visit to wish you all a Happy St. George's Day.

I had hoped to be back by now, but it will be another couple of days at least. I am getting unpacked, I almost have a lounge and bedroom again. However I have been delayed by the tooth work and Dad not doing so well.

Miss you, see you soon.

I Give Up!!!!!

Saturday, April 9th, 2016 09:45 am
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I have tried to catch up, and keep up with everyone, but not managing .... So I have decided that I will disappear for a week.  So, if you need me PM or email me.

I can't even get to my pc, so with only a mini tablet and tiredness I just am bowing out for the week.

See you on the flip side .... love and miss you

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Work is great, but still only doing half days as I am shattered, although I know that the furniture moving is both stressing and tiring me. Ended up sleeping for an hour this afternoon.

I haven't forgotten you all, just needing to be careful about my energy levels, with all the furniture moving on Saturday and Tuesday.

So will catch up .... I promise.

However, I just wanted to share this video. Great to see war heroes being honoured, especially our 4 (3) legged soldiers.
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Yesterday I was cleaning my teeth and heard a snap .... I have broken a crown off the tooth. Sadly I broke the tooth.

So, now I have 4 appointments booked ... the first of which will be to remove the nerve, and get ready to have a root post added.


Yes, I am still missing, but am busy as I am getting rid of my furniture, before Mum and Dad furniture comes in 10 days time. So at present I have boxes and boxes of china and ornaments, as well as boxes of similar plus books from M+Ds.

So it may be next week before I catch up properly.

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Well I have managed to post some photos, but haven't replied to comments, or done the next day of the Meme thingy.

However I have almost organised for my old furniture here to either go to charity or the tip, and for the furniture I am having from M&D's to get here.  So haven't been too lazy.

Forone thing I cut my hair, so that was a job that was needed.

Saw Dad this morning, and he was upset when I got there, but after that was sorted we had a good laugh and a chat.  I find ti confusing as with the Alzheimer's I often don't know what we are talking about, but Dad does, and he's happy ... so that's the main thing!

Still tired from the virus, or the CFS, but the coughing is easier, and I am more focussed.  So, hopefully that means I can at long last get back to work next Thursday.  It's good timing really as I work for a week then have already booked a few days off for Easter.  So it will be a good test for me.

Well I will try to get on with replies tonight, but as I'm using my Tablet, it only lets me use my default icon ... so you will all get to see the photos of Mum (well if I get organised!)

Hopeyou are all having a good day today.
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So, I actually have posted this on the appropriate day ... immediately after the last one.  SHOCK.

I wanted to be more focussed, and looking at my great f-list, as well as actually feeling a bit healthier today, so all in all it looks really positive.

10 Likes & Dislikes


  1. My faith - it is something that is "just" part of me ... keeping me supported and comforted.

  2. Jiffy - He is a darling, full of fun, and giving me an excuse to go for a walk.

  3. James Marsters - anyone from my old list knows how much I admire him.

  4. 40's - 50's musicals.

  5. Photography.

  6. Sightseeing - around towns/cities/castles/churches/museums etc

  7. Jigsaws.

  8. Souveneirs, family momentoes

  9. Giraffes - and, yes, I do have a pretty large collection of them in all sizes.

  10. Jewellery - I love wearing rings and necklaces (one disadvantage of working in an hospital, I can't wear any)

  11. An extra ...... LiveJournal!!!!

10 Dislikes

  1. Lateness - I am always early.

  2. Lack of manners.

  3. Rudeness.

  4. Indian food.

  5. Soap Operas (although I loved Soap itself)

  6. Make-up.

  7. Snobbery.

  8. Insects/Arachnids/ and other arthropods (including crabs/prawns etc)

  9. Gym type exercise.

  10. Saunas.

I am sure that there are others that come and go from those lists, but that gives you some ideas.

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