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I owe replies, I haven't caught up with my f-list .... I am just so, so bad!

But I am determined to start catching up, starting today.  In about 1/2 hours time Jiffy and I are heading out to pick up my friend Christine, have a walk and lunch at a doggy friendly place.  I am taking my camera but as the decorator is still in I can't get at my main computer so won't share today .... but will asap.

Anyway, what's up with me?  Not much!

I am having my kitchen painted at present, and yesterday the same painter finished painting my bedroom.  The carpet arrives next week.  So hopefully as the days and weeks now move on I shall be able to start packing things away in their permenant homes.  I have decided to have a sunlounge off my kitchen, so there is that to confirm and book ... and then the only thing I will eventually need is a new lounge carpet and the room painted.

No further on my holiday plans, as I am waiting for Annemarie to confirm the dates with her.  So annoying, as I dare-say flights, etc will be going up in price.   So am still at the vague point of Oregon - LA - San Fransisco - Visiting a friend in Missouri.  Will update, when I can.

Jiffy is doing well - slightly confused by stuff being moved around all the time, so it will be nice to get him settled again.

Having been a bit on-off with the gym, I have gone twice last week, already once this week, and booked for a class on Friday.

I have had a week or two of drifting, but I am determined to get myself back on track.  I will catch up with comments, re-post a gift I owe (!), and try to keep up to date with all your journals.  Bear with me - I will get there!

Well I had better get on and get Jiffy ready.

I know I have missed a few birthdays over this last week sorry - but on the day that would have been Mum's 89th birthday, I do hope you had a good day, and the year ahead is special.

Be back later *hugs*
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39 - Put your iPod on shuffle and write down the first ten songs that pop up.

  1. Pomp & Circumstance No 4

  2. All that she wanted - James Marsters

  3. Bad - James Marsters

  4. Katie - James Marsters

  5. Bless 'em all

  6. Blocking Brainwaves - Ghost of the Robot

  7. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

  8. Be Thou my vision

  9. Long Tall Sally - Elvis Presley

  10. Bye Bye, love - Everley Brothers

Honest. I didn't cheat 3 (4) are James Marsters.

40 - What were your highs and lows of the past year?

Obviously loosing Dad was the low point ... as was helping him to cope with loosing Mum and also his independence. Although I do have some good memories of some of those days.

So spending time with Dad was special ... as was my trip to London. I plan to go back to London in November again, and know I will see Dad again in Eternity.

The list of 365 questions can be found here

365 Meme Day 15

Sunday, January 15th, 2017 06:00 pm
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What is your favorite piece of art you own?

Hard to say. I have nothing expensive, and a vast range of styles. However all the pictures on my wall are individually loved. I have a few favourites, including

The Love Letter by Millet (print) My copy was my Grandparents and is in a lovely wood frame, and is sepia.
 photo d103defb-660c-4dda-b180-b3076697ea4f_zpsrokxteme.jpg
btw, the artist went down on the Titanic.

I have 4 prints of Italy that a friend gave me.

However the true specials are the paintings that Mum did. She sometimes copied pictures, but in one she painted the 5 houses that they lived in during their marriage. I often asked her where the next house would go ... but as it turned out she never needed it! It made it that much harder when she lost her sight to realise what she had lost. These aren't great photos as they were taken on my phone, so the angle means they are slightly blurred in places, and the colour isn't great, but you will see what I mean -

 photo WP_20170115_002_zpskt4vnwwz.jpg

 photo WP_20170115_001_zpsqv6asuw5.jpg

The list of 365 questions can be found here
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13 - What are you looking for from life?

I honestly don't know that there is anything.

14 - Who is the last people to tell you they loved you?

I don't know ... Mum used to say it to me all the time.

The list of 365 questions can be found here
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Day 09 → talk about art this year

Selling Mum & Dad's house means that we had to have all the belongings sorted, and for that we had a lot of Mum's paintings. Some of them are very special, and luckily we all had different tastes so there were actually no arguments .... thankfully.

When I was in London I went to the National Gallery (pics to come at some point), and it was great to wander through. Some of the viewing I did was that of strolling past, but when I saw something I liked I looked closer.

For both Mum and the gallery one of the things I like are pictures that are "real" ... I like to see what I am looking at, and especially one that has a lot of details.

One of my favourites is Canaletto, and when you look at his work you see what I mean.

 photo 05101_1731854c_zps5b5n2pzi.jpg

Me Versus Mum-Me

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 08:28 pm
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I have been "haunted" by the fence painting.  I have started it twice, and each time have found it frustrating, how much time I spend, yet still have loads to do.

So, as I will eventually getting some money from Mum & Dad's house I decided to hire someone to do the painting, so I know it's done.  I have workmen coming to fit out my spare room, and do a cupboard in my kitchen, so decided I needed to get the constant pressure of the fences done, so I can concentrate on my indoor DIY.

However since I booked it for next week, all I can hear is mum telling me I am wasting money when I could do them myself.  Yes, she's right, but I just wasn't getting it sorted, so was worried that having this hanging over me, I would never get anything done.

So, sorry Mum, but I need to get the work done, so I can have life sorted out a bit more.

And before you say anything, yes, I know I am a fool, but I still feel guilty.  Especially as Tim always moaned at me when I used to say I felt guilty over the past years.

So, even though I feel wrong, I am fighting back to get my life a bit more positive ... aiming for a lot of the work done by Christmas.

One Year Gone

Thursday, September 29th, 2016 05:03 pm
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I still can't believe that it's been a year since I lost Mum .... so this afternoon Jiffy and I went to the cemetery for our walk.  We go most Sundays as the area is lovely, but wanted to go today.

Rest easy Mum & Dad )

Although I had taken the day off I still ended up getting early as I had a dentist appt, and had to take Jiffy to the vets as he has a skin infection.  He is due to have his op in 5 days time, so hopefully he will be recovering from the one, before we start on the next thing.

However Mum would be pleased - I did some housework, as well.  My bathroom sparkles, and when I finish this update I pan to start cleaning my lounge, although will be lazy (don't tell mum) and complete it tomorrow.

Yesterday I wasn't around as I decided to look into booking a long weekend to London in November.  Friends will hate me for saying it, but I feel guilty about Jiffy.  On Saturday we will be meeting a prospective doggy sitter.  If that works out then that's everything booked.  I have loved my trips to London in the past, and was getting withdrawel symptoms!!!  This time I have already pre-booked Madam Tussauds, and possibly may meet up with a friend.  But, I still feel guilty about the little man!

This evening I do hope to do a bit more LJ catching up ... mostly trying to get some replies to comments done.

Day Off Work, Today

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 04:52 pm
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I normally work Tuesday afternoons, so it's good to take off a few hours yet have the whole day.

I have actually been quite productive .... this morning Jiffy and I went to Mum's cemetery. It was always a place that we have walked through as it is lovely, so this way it's a nice walk, as well as checking Mum's grave .... and used the camera on my phone to take some pictures, so you can see what I mean,by clicking here )

Once back I dropped Jiffy off and went to see Dad. He was looking very chipper today, and as I had taken my chromebook in we looked through some photos from LJ.

Then lunch, and then i actually spent an hour painting my fence, and then another half hour painting a couple of garden chairs ... a lovely bright pink! So now I'm showered and LJing, as well as writing a couple of letters I owe.

So a good day - I hope your day is going as well.
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Sorry this post is even later ... Photobucket was down over the weekend and now it, or my computer seems to be on a go-slow!  Then yesterday I was very breathless - so much so I have spent the last couple of days in and out the hospital checking whether I had a pulmonary embolism.  However eveything is 100% OK, so just viral still.  But good to have a full MOT!

Anyway - Higher Cemetery Exeter ...Here we come )

Jiffy and I will go back soon to find some of the other special areas, and memorials.
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[ profile] kazzy_cee has made me think (shock!!) as she is posting more things that make her happy (as a lot of us did last year).  I keep saying I am going to post more, then the virus kicks back as it has this wee (I even had to take a day off work, I felt so rough).

I have also said that I want to get some more photos done ... and slowing get back to experimenting with my camera ... so ...

I have decided to combine the two and on my Friday or Saturday day off, Jiffy and I are going to take the camera with us on our walk.

So yesterday (I know it was Thursday but I had the day off to see the doctor, so went for a walk while the sun was shining) we went to the cemetary where Mum is resting.  The photos will be up later.

Exeter Higher Cemetery

Entrance to the Higher CemeteryIt was obvious that the new cemetery would not be sufficient and on 26th May 1866. Higher Cemetery was consecrated by the former Bishop of Colombo the Right Reverend James Chapman, as Bishop Philpott's was indisposed. The turn out was poor as the weather was'very disagreeable'. Robert Veitch and Son were employed to landscape the 6 acres of cemetery, and a lodge and two chapels designed by Edward Ashworth (buried in the cemetery) were built of Heavitree stone. Four and half acres were set aside for the established church and one and a half for dissenters. Higher Cemetery contains two War Memorials, one oval shaped the First World War in front of one of the chapels and one in the North East corner of the cemetery for the Second World War. There are a number of graves of German airmen, shot down over England, as well as servicemen from Southern Rhodesia, Canada, Newfoundland, New Zealand and Poland. By the Long Valley Path there can be found three rows of graves of victims of the Exeter blitz on the 24th April the 4th May and the 30th December 1942. See World War Memorials for all the war memorials including those in Higher Cemetery.

Well it looks like I will have to go back as I didn't get to see all the famous sites ... watch this space!
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I am fighting a really nasty cold that is trying to head to a chest infection, but fluids, rest, paracetamol and oranges have joined the fight ... I just hope we win!

I managed to get Jiffy walked this morning in the dry, and now as it's raining I am going to try to get some LJ caught up, and some icons made.  I am only doing one set of 20in20 this month, but hope to get back to the 2 sets of 100's I am doing as well.

My friend Toni came over yesterday - it was great to see her.  We had both had tough years last year, which meant we didn't get to see each other much.  She has moved house so is now nearer, so we hope this year to keep in touch more.

I went to the solicitors yeaterday to swear over Mum's will.  So that will be done in about a month, we hope.  It should be at about the  same time that Tim and I finally get the paperwork through the Court of Protection for Dad ... until then we can't sell the house, but at least we know things are moving along.  As everything is frozen for the money etc, Tim has taken out a loan to pay Dad's Home fees.

He is certainly more settled.  He has been to Church there, and when I go we usually go for a walk.  Jiffy goes in once a week, so he likes that.  As does Jiffy, who loves all the attention from everyone.

Starting next week I am going to be increasing my hours slightly ... I am doing, via The Bank, a short term contract as a Physiologist.  So as well as being a good challenge, it is a bit more pay an hour.  Still all in the same dept, and they requested me, so it really should work out well.

My Daily Bible Reading continues ... but haven't posted any thoughts I know.  Today I was reading of Abraham and Sarah laughing when they were told that they would have a child (she was in her 80's) ... but the reminder shows that nothing is impossible, with God.  A good reminder for the day.

I won't skim your LJ's as I want to get caught up, before I get side-tracked again.  Hope you are all well

Group *hugs*

Well I Made It!!

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016 04:20 pm
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As my Daily Bible Reading reminded me today - "God, you have put my life back together" (Psalm 4).  As I type this I realise that I am having a "normal" day.  In fact my whole week has been pretty easy.

Today I have taken Jiffy for a walk, done some shopping, eaten dinner, done some sorting, and now I have pc time.  Just one year ago today I was nursing a very sick Mum ... she had C Diff, a urine infection and flu.  However as there was an NHS crisis, and I am a nurse, she stayed home ... until 3 days later when the doctor realised she was getting rapidly worse.

Almost 4 weeks of hospital and she came home, and it was then I realised how week he was.  It was a long year, as I look back on it ... but at the time, day by day, it was just something I needed and wanted to do.

Over this last year I have not been around much, but when I have the love and support from many of you has been amazing.  However, for those  who were concerned, let me assure you that if I had to re-do this year I would.  Yes, it was frustrating, tiring, lonely, but I am glad I did it.

I still feel really in limbo about Mum, but know that I will come to terms with things in my own time.

Dad seems to be slowly settling into his new home ... when I went in yesterday he was telling me about some discussion that he and a couple of the other men had over lunch.  It didn't make much sense to me, but he seemed happy, so that is the main thing.  Jiffy is more settled.  He has a couple of favourite walks, and enjoys deciding which one to go on, and he certainly knows where his treats are stored!

I have managed to sort out my bedroom this week, as I had to amalgamate 2 sets of clothes, 2 sets of jewellery, etc.  So at least that seems "me" now.  I know that soon we will have to sell Mum & Dad's, but I am having a couple of weeks off of even thinking about that.

So, now I am in 2016, and like last year I don't know what it will hold.  However I do know that the support of friends, and with God's strength I will get through it.

Happy New Year to you all.
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SORRY - I haven't looked at my friends list fror ages, I have comments dating back since Mum's funeral I haven't answered ... and yet I do miss you all.  I am hoping once the New Year settles I shall be able to get back to you all, and to my art work ... and maybe even some writing.

Quick update -

  • I managed to lose a front tooth last week (T&C took me out to Sunday lunch, and the peas fought back!!)  As it was a crown I managed to get it done again, the next day.  I had wondered as I had damaged the post, but Monica did wonders.  So I can smile again.

  • I have been "home hunting" for dad ... How depressing most of them are.  I did question in my mind if all the residents of one home were drugged.  However we all decided we want the best for dad.  Seeing as he is moving to be near me and Tim, it is a city ... so expensive.  However much we tried to talk our way to something cheeper, we just couldn't.  The manager will see Dad this afternoon, so hope it goes OK.  The home, while expensive, is a new purpose built unit for dementia, based on a 5* spa hotel.

  • So as well as sorting out Mum's stuff and the loft, I now have to sort out Dad's ... pictures, books, clothes, ornaments etc.

  • I also have to move all my stuff to my place.  I have always had a bedroom at M&D's ... 50:50 for everything, so that needs to change.

  • So far Nick, Tim & myself haven't fallen out over china, etc ... Only one item is wanted by all 3 of us and it is the bowl we saved up to buy them for their silver wedding in 1977.

  • Jiffy is fine ... well, biting his toes, but Marni says it is stress.  As my ecxma is back, I'm not surprised.

  • I have almost finished Dad's Christmas cards ... then I have to start on my own.

  • We have sorted Christmas ... will update as it happens (I hope)

Well I am sure there is more, as I haven't seemed to stop.

SORRY, again ... miss you

I Did It!

Friday, October 16th, 2015 02:25 pm
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I had written an eulogy and wasn't happy with it. So Tuesday night I just sat and wrote, and below the cut is what I came up with.

Yes, I managed to read it at the service, as well.

I don't expect you to read as it's long, but wanted to make sure that it was kept ... also, if any of you want to read, please do.

My mummy )

I will catch up with comments and update about the funeral, but also have loads of letters to write.

Thank you, again, for the love and support.

One Week On

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 12:06 pm
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.... And I still feel in limbo.

I suppose keeping Dad focused and OK is taking a lot out of me, although I feel guilty to say that as there is only him my focus is slightly easier.  I think for both of us, it is hard to believe that Mum has died, because last Jan she spent almost a month in hospital, so I keep expecting to get a date for her to come home.

We met with Tim at the funeral directors, and that was not as hard as I expected.  Although it felt weird to be buying a plot in a cemetary, it somehow didn't seem wrong fro the 3 of us to talk about what wood |Mum would want her coffin veneered in.

This afternoon I am off to the solicitors (a friend of Tim ... and he will be there).  The wills are old so Dad and I are executors.  Sadly Mum spoke of re-writing last year, so I know what she had wanted, but never got it done.  The other reason for the appt is that I have to be made Dad's Power of Attourney.  Mum had never wanted it to happen as it would upset the boys, but now we have a double tragedy to sort out.

Tomorrow Dad, Jiffy and I are going to my place again ... it's a tip.  We are meeting my best friend and her husband and they are going to help me sort out the spare room again.  Nick & Tim want to just sell this house, but I am going to do this in stages.  I hope to get to work for a couple of mornings a week (to start with), which means the 3 of us staying overnight in Exeter ... thus the room clear!  I don't know if Dad will cope, if not I will re-think.

Finally I want to thank you for the lovely comments you left ... I am going to reply to them (and previous comments) over the next couple of days.  Like when Jaykub died I have been suprised by those who care ... and those who don't!

Thanks for listening.


On a slightly different note (but not!), I am trying to get back to some artwork from time to time ... to take my mind off the eulogy I have to write is the reason at the moment! So, thought I would sign up for a new comm .... I don't know how good I shall be, but I need my escape challenge ...

[ profile] tvlims| Season 1 Sign ups.
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This is just a short update to contain the worst news. Last night Mum passed away. She had a huge stroke about a week ago, and had been in a coma since. Nick, Tim & I spent as much time with her as we could ... as did Claire. Dad visited, as did Brenda.

She knew nothing though, and we can be thankful that we know she has gone to with her Saviour.

I will update properly, soon ... I promise

 photo FullSizeRender_zpsen1y71n4.jpg

Sweet 16
 photo FullSizeRender 1_zpsvr7o6iuq.jpg

With Mum in Albania, 4 years ago
 photo WithMumatButrint-TheTheatre_zpsg7jrv13s.jpg


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 12:10 pm
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Just to say I may be MIA as mum is in hospital. .... Very poorly

Will update when I know more ....have disabled comments
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Life is as hectic as ever.

Mum had problems getting out of the bath, so I helped ... helped her to break 2 ribs!

Dad had a good Father's Day, as Tim & Claire came over for afternoon tea.  It was nice to see Mum & Dad chatting and relaxed.  As ever I was busy ... as if Mum is OK I shall go to work, so I needed to get all the food done.  Anyway, thought you would like to see the picture I took for Instagram this morning -

 photo safe_image_zpsm3mkotxr.jpg

As to other news, Jiffy needs an op .... he has a polyp on the inside of his bowel (near his bottom). Once he has had the lump removed it will have to be biopsied. So we have a bit of a worrying wait ahead of us.
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The bruises are really making good progress .... I am a lot more mobile.

The BAD news is that I burnt my arm making biscuits for Mother's Day. They tasted great, so not too bad 😄

Tim and Claire came over for afternoon tea. Tim had made some rice-crispy cakes .... they were great.

We had a nice time, including Claire and I taking Jiffy for a walk.

Now I must catch up with your comments.

Does The Camera Lie?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 07:51 pm
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I am actually (so far) having the evening off, as I went to see my osteopath this afternoon, so have asked Mum & Dad to please "behave" ... so far, so good!

Anyway I am doing some icons, and sorting some photos out on my camera (hope to get the Plymouth ones sorted soon).  However have got as far as Mum's birthday, and this one made me laugh ... always knew Mum was a bit of a dragon!

Mum, the magic dragon? )

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