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As I said I did do 2 sets of 20's this month.  This second set is for Round 7 of [ profile] monthlyinspo ... our theme was teaching.  I always find it hard when there is an open theme like this, but a good challenge, nevertheless.  As I did last month I have chosen to do 5 sets of 4's.

Your challenge, should you accept, is to recognise the film stills without cheating and looking at the answers (at the end)

My 3 teasers are -

 photo 6_zpsumurghss.jpg  photo 11_zpsznvkunhp.jpg  photo 5_zpswylwgghv.jpg

This way for the rest )

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As I said I actually signed up for 2 sets of icons this month. This set is for round 97 of [ profile] character20n20 with my character as Kerr Avon from Blakes 7 ... all the images are from season 1.

 photo Cat 4_zps6q1f68op.jpg    photo 5_zpsfmlsfjv4.jpg    photo Blue_zpstwlgu4yc.jpg

Avon, this way .... )


Sunday, August 20th, 2017 08:51 pm
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I have managed to get more organised in many ways ... so much so, I have actually finished a set of icons.  They are for [ profile] monthlyinspo Round 6, with the theme of Costume Envy.

 photo 16_zpsr03ipnnt.jpg    photo 17_zpsjq5wy5ls.png    photo 18_zpshw7evefm.jpg    photo 19_zps4attmylo.jpg  photo 20_zpsel67seal.png

 photo 11_zpsr4xh8erx.jpg    photo 12_zps4bef2tgm.jpg    photo 13_zpsr2nxchxa.jpg    photo 14_zps9fluvop7.jpg    photo 15_zpsoseykpq6.jpg

 photo 6_zpsuwmr3na9.png    photo 7_zpskl6bw8wl.png    photo 8_zpslukgbbcn.jpg    photo 9_zpscdgr0ww8.jpg     photo 10_zpsppdwkukx.png

 photo 3_zpsjqxufw52.png      photo 4_zpswujm93lk.png    photo 5_zpsmgwzljys.png    photo 2_zps6qfg8n6s.png    photo 1_zpsrwztgvnw.png

So hope you enjoy thm - as ever they are snaggable, but credit would be appreciated.

And, of course, I can't let the 20th August to go by without wishing James a very Happy Birthday.

20 Assorted Icons

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 08:59 pm
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I have actually managed to get a set of icons made.  This is for round 3 of [ profile] monthlyinspo  It is in many ways hard as we are given a theme of "Dark & Light" .... but I find the hard thing is deciding what images/theme to use.  So this set of 20 are a bit of a missmatched set of themes.  However they are all dark/light ... I hope!

Anyway here are my 3 teasers -

 photo rulesofengagement181_zpsjpa7o5ho.jpg  photo 320VampireDiaries0068_zpsie5x1hjo.jpg    photo DSC_0270_zpsojipc0qu.jpg

Here they are, if you want to peep )
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One thing that I have managed to do over the last couple of weeks is make 20 icons for the first round of [ profile] monthlyinspo ... the theme is "Blazing Blue". There were no other prompts, which I tend to find slightly harder.

Anyway, here are the three teasers :-

 photo DSC_0425_zpsycg9apnq.jpg    photo 11_zpsydhznl8p.jpg    photo 14_zpswklce1lj.jpg

The full set is here )
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I am meant to be sorting out my house ready for the next set of decorators, either that or answering comments, but instead I have finished off this set of icons for Round 87 0f [ profile] character20n20 where I have chosen the character of Hawkeye Pierce from M*A*S*H, the series.

Here are my 3 teasers -

 photo AC 1_zpsi7sl1ox5.jpg  photo AC 3_zps9u8s7jkq.jpg  photo Near amp Far_zps9zyhsmbz.jpg

The full set is here )

M*A*S*H Icons

Monday, October 10th, 2016 07:48 pm
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This set of icons was made for round 10 of [ profile] episodes20in20 and the episode was from season 1 of M*A*S*H and is called "Yankee Doodle Doctor"

Here are the 3 teasers -

 photo Fake Background_zps9jcxy4fb.jpg     photo Hero 1_zps0zhr4z65.jpg      photo Cat 5_zpsoua0hhof.jpg

The full set is here )

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This set of icons was made for round 2 of [ profile] wc20in20 .... and I chose Beauty & the Beast ....  The first time I saw it, was when we were visiting our friends in Colorado.  So that brought memories of that trip, as well as enjoying the film.

Here are the 3 teasers

 photo AC 1_zpstzhpxmft.jpg    photo Favourite Character_zpsnzahvp4f.jpg    photo Cat 5_zps514bmwws.jpg

The full set is here )

Stargate SG1 Icons

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016 02:06 pm
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Over the last few weeks, while Dad was sleeping I either read, or made some icons on my chromebook.  So I was able to complete my icons for [ profile] episode20in20 .... I chose an episode from Season 8 Stargate SG1

Here are the 3 teasers -

 photo Cat - Circle_zpsmkya0aqc.jpg    photo AC3_zpsxrpofizc.jpg    photo Frame_zpssuowe80z.jpg

Here is the full set )
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While I have been sitting with Dad I have been able to make a few icons, so I could complete my set for the first round of wc20in20 .... No, Brits, WC is not what you are thinking, but it is wild card.  We had to pick a season of BtVS, and we were given the episode.  I chose season 2, and was given the episode "Suprise" ... certainly not one I would have picked for myself.

Anyway, here are the 3 teasers ....

 photo AC 1_zpsrrokzggi.jpg  photo Blood_zpsbel8ykwp.jpg      photo Cat 5_zpsgp0aybps.jpg

Here is the full set )
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For entry 2 I have some icons - something I do enjoy making, although it is harder to get good screen caps to work from.

Anyway - I hope that you enjoy them.

1.  photo ssss3_zps9bdtnvax.jpg  2.  photo ssss1_zpsol7tsenb.jpg  3.  photo ssss2_zpskmutiqmg.jpg

4.  photo sss1_zps1scfzyxe.jpg  5.  photo sss2_zpsxxmsuidw.jpg  6.  photo sss3_zpsgnaqpcyk.jpg

7.  photo ss3_zpsbpsjkoqa.jpg  8.  photo ss2_zpswulzfvum.jpg  9.  photo ss1_zpsy6in246j.jpg

10.  photo s3_zpslhrp3s8u.jpg  11.  photo s5_zpszdikuwz5.jpg  12.  photo s4_zpswurfdiuz.jpg

13.  photo 10_zpsf5ixerea.jpg  14.  photo 11_zpsl3q3cxqc.jpg  15.    photo 9_zpsppjpc5w3.jpg  16.  photo 12_zpsdb4s04qm.jpg

17.  photo 6_zpszbmas793.jpg  18.  photo 4_zpsxyf2blgg.jpg  19.  photo 1_zpsogcb0hto.jpg  20.  photo 2_zpslew0wt7n.jpg

21.  photo 8_zpswig9dkfe.jpg  22.  photo 7_zpsthjrjsdr.jpg

M*A*S*H Icons

Friday, March 25th, 2016 04:18 pm
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I have been enjoying re-watching some M*A*S*H, so much so that I decided to do a set of icons for Round 5 of episodes20in20 .... This is season 7, episode 9 - Lil

Here are the three teasers -

 photo Blur_zpszytlby3h.jpg        photo AC 3_zps5ogp2bt7.jpg          photo Alone_zps4nw8o5qa.jpg    

The full set is here )

BtVS Icons

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 03:25 pm
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Having time off work while I am healing is frustrating in many ways, as I am still both exhausted and coughing.  However the good thing is that I have been able to get a set of icons done for [ profile] btvsats20in20

This set is for the two episodes called What's My Line (BtVS 2.09-2.10).  Here are my 3 teasers -

 photo AC 1_zpsh3uwkhm8.jpg  photo Cat - Im a Believer_zpsk5bjhnnn.jpg      photo Clock_zpstfnkz544.jpg

The full set is here )
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Having a week off work means I have actually had some time o do some icons.  I again did a set for [ profile] episodes20in20 ... and guess why I chose the episode I did!!!?  Yes, another James episode.  This time it is from Torchwood, season 2, episode 1 ... "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang"

For me (and others) it will also bring back great memories of a very wet trip to Cardiff!

Here are the teasers -

The full set is here )
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At last I have completed another set of 20 icons. I have made them for [ profile] episodes20in20 ... and if I am going to pick an episode, then it has to be one with James in, doesn't it?

So, these are from Andromeda 2.09 Into the Labyrinth. I enjoy the early series, but this episode truly has to be the best (I wonder why?!!!)

Here are my 3 teasers -

 photo Cat 2_zpslz8tmrzd.jpg      photo Sideways_zpsydgcawod.jpg        photo Guest Star_zpsvfkge8pf.jpg

The full set is here )

BtVS Icons

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 05:12 pm
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After Mum died I decided I wanted to get back to making some icons, and thought I would sign up for 2 seperate comms, with the same theme!  The reason being that I had hoped to see James when he was in England, but had to cancel when the evnue moved.  As it turned out, with Dad's stroke I couldn't have got there anyway.  So I decided to join the new comm of [ profile] episodes20in20 and the BtVS/AtS one ... then as Dad had his stroke I new I would struggle and just kept to the one comm ... with the theme to commemorate how many of you first saw James in action - School Hard, from season 2, BtVS

Here are 3 teasers -

 photo Last scene_zpszwywcqrn.jpg    photo Cat 4_zps8y1cx2y9.jpg    photo AC 1_zpspazwyee1.jpg

The set is here )
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When my pc died a couple of months ago, I lost everything ... although had photos, docs etc stored on cloud, so that was good news.

However I had a few progs that I used regularily, and luckily have remembered the name of most of them and they are re-installed.  But, sadly I can't think what programme I used to get icons to flick (as I am using).  I use GIMP or iPiccy for the work, but used a  different one to get them to sequence ... so, any ideas of a free download?

Hoping someone can help.
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Many, many thanks for the person/people who nominated some of my icons for wicked_awards ....  2 Star Trek icons and 2 BtVS icons.

I am totally shocked - more thanks than ever.


Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 06:05 pm
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I have been very bad at keeping up to date, haven't I? No excuses as I now have the small tablet, and the fact that I am beginning to feel a bit better, which considering how much stress I have at home is great news. The Cranial treatments are really helping me to feel stronger, more focussed, and less tired.

Still I have been bad, so have decided to snag the month's meme from [ profile] teragramm ... although I know it wont get done everyday, at least I will "have to" get more organised.

The meme questions )

I have also made a couple more icons for [ profile] historamedy365 ... with the theme "hug"

 photo cygnus102_zpsdistdipm.jpg  photo btvs301_065sd_zpsxtculngm.jpg

I didn't work this afternoon, so have actually got some housework done at my house. Sorted out my shed, as well. As a treat I do get myself a Chinese take-away on a Wednesday ... always the same ... Chicken & cashew nut, with egg-fried rice. Once I have had that I shall return to the pc and try to get some more stuff done, es[ecially the comments I need to reply to.

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As I said, I was going to make a few icons for [ profile] historamedy365 ... whenever I could. So I managed 2 themes (as they are changed every day), I shall post here as I do them.

Hurt -
 photo Hurt_zps2gpxcyl0.jpg  photo after125_zpsxzydsbmq.jpg

Board -
 photo Board1_zpszsxqcpgv.jpg  photo Board d_zpsomwwvx1w.jpg

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