Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 18th, 2017 08:11 pm
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Happy Father's Day to all dads ... and remembering those who don't have a dad, or have a dad but not one as amazing as mine was.

Thank you Dad - miss you xx


No real news as I am still wallowing, although feel that my head bobs above water from tim to time ... so at least there is a little progress.

My achilles tendon is still sore, but my new glasses are working well.  I had to have a fancy prescription this time as sadly my sight is getting slightly worse each year in my right eye (the one I had the operation in).  The retina was detatched completely in 1988, so the fact that I can see at all is amazing.

Anyway enough of that - I kept promising to share a couple of photos of my conservatory.  I did take some before photos but decided to just share these few taken this morning.

A sunny morning )
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As I said Christine and I had a great day out on Friday when we went to Burrow Farm Gardens . Although it rained off and on it didn't stop us enjoying the gardens ... or having some lovely cake!

Enjoy a stroll )
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[livejournal.com profile] kazzy_cee asked me - Can I have a photo of your favourite shoes?

I am not really a shoe person - to me a pair just need to be comfy ... my shoes I wear to Church may have a 4" heel, but they are still comfy!  However I do love these shoes ... I bought them last week to wear next Spring with jeans ... flowers ans sequins, what's not to like!!!

Can't wait for the spring to come )

[livejournal.com profile] thenewbuzwuzz asked me - How about the view from your window(s) or something you can see from there?
She also asked me about my fence paintwork ... so can cover both answers.

Looking front and back )
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Last Friday (so I am late posting the pictures, but they still count as a Friday post) Christine and I went out for the day tp Knightshayes Tiverton. It took us about 40 mins to get there, and although the weather wasn't 100% we had a great time, and didn't really get wet either.

A Victorian Gothic Mansion )

Both before and after strolling through the house we enjoyed the grounds.

Enjoying a stroll )

So hope you enjoyed ... I have some indoor photos to share later.
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I said I had a final set of photos, well here they are.

Just some local photos )

Day Off Work, Today

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 04:52 pm
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I normally work Tuesday afternoons, so it's good to take off a few hours yet have the whole day.

I have actually been quite productive .... this morning Jiffy and I went to Mum's cemetery. It was always a place that we have walked through as it is lovely, so this way it's a nice walk, as well as checking Mum's grave .... and used the camera on my phone to take some pictures, so you can see what I mean,by clicking here )

Once back I dropped Jiffy off and went to see Dad. He was looking very chipper today, and as I had taken my chromebook in we looked through some photos from LJ.

Then lunch, and then i actually spent an hour painting my fence, and then another half hour painting a couple of garden chairs ... a lovely bright pink! So now I'm showered and LJing, as well as writing a couple of letters I owe.

So a good day - I hope your day is going as well.

I'm Back ... I Hope!

Saturday, April 30th, 2016 03:29 pm
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To say the house is still chaotic is being polite, but at least I have "dug" my way through my study to find my computer again. I will admit I haven't looked at LJ since I last wrote something, so if there is any big news please let me know.

I thought I would re-start my lj-ing with this amazing link -

As someone who can not dance at all, it does mean that maybe I still have time to learn!!!

So either skip the scribbles, or make yourself a pot of tea, and open up the biscuits ...what I have been up to )

Group hugs !!
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It has been some time, but there is a new meme going round that I saw on [livejournal.com profile] teragramm [livejournal.com profile] double_dutchess and [livejournal.com profile] deborahw37 so thought I would snag as I am trying to catch up with LJ and keep my journal more active.

Here be me )

I did say in a previous post that I am now on Instagram. When the family came last week Andrew loaded a new App, so here is the latest image I uploaded ...

 photo safe_image_zps1idccpim.jpg
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Some years ago I did a Photography City & Guilds ... but tend to get very lazy and just take snap-shots.  Having been without the camera for ages I am going to now try to take a few "proper" photos from time to time.

Last Saturday morning Jiffy and I went and patrolled his favourite route (Dad doesn't take him as it is too long, and hilly) ... it is just down the road from them ....

Jiffy's favourite path ... and a couple of images I spotted )

After our walk it is always time to do housework or gardening. Last Saturday Dad and I decided to finish off one corner of their hedge ... as the neighbours had done their side .... the only trouble is it was a bit cool ....So look at what a stylish doggy is wearing )

Sadly after a couple of hours walk & work my body was not happy ... and I spent Sunday and most of Monday in bed. I didn't have a shift today anyway, but am having a lazyish day to try to re-charge the batteries.
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Not a great weekend for me, sadly.

First the weekness and aching has been slowly increasing, so that in itself is poor.  I did have quite a lot I wanted to do for Mum & Dad in the garden, while the weather holds ... so wasn't looking forward to that!  However Tim & Claire popped in over lunch and stayed a few hours, so as well as being great to see them, it meant I had a bit of a rest.  That made it easier to cope with the day, even though I didn't get much of the things done that needed to be done.

Then, of course the main sadness is that James was in England and I wasn't going to be seeing him.  He was at a convention and I really can't cope with group things like that, even for James.  So I had sadly opted not to go.  As it turns out, with less work I couldn't have afforded it (although if it had been one of James' days I would have begged, borrowed or stolen!)  I am also glad that I didn't have to do the travelling .... so that was easier for my body.

As I hadn't aimed to go to see James, I had said I would play at Bude's orchestra concert .... however I had to pull out of playing as the playing, as well as the travelling, would have been far too much.

So, all in all, a tough time.
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Only I could manage that!

I suddenly realised that the days are flying past and I haven't really been around - just dipping in and out occasionally.  One of the side-effects oof this "illness I don't actually have!!" is that I find it hard to concentrate and focus on anything at all some days.  The aches and poor sleeping making that worse, I know, but it is doubly frustrating.

No work today, which means that the bank will be sad, but I am determined to both rest and do some catching up ... and (if I feel motivated) do a bit more fence painting.

When I arrived at M&D's it was to be greeted by Jiffy (as ever), to show me his new hair-cut.  Jackie comes and collects him every 2 months, and off he goes for his beauty treatment ... more than I ver get!

One posh boy )

The weekend as ever was hectic, which doesn't help the rest of my week, as it does sap my "coping" mechanism.  But it's good to be able to help mum & dad to cope with life.  Although I have the garden looking "OK" it isn't as great as when Mum used to do it.  She was very into small plants - whereas I am happy if I can keep most of the weeds away!  Anyway here are is a quick look as to what it was looking like this weekend .... complete with guardian angel, of course -

Looking good ... from a distance you can't see the weeds )

And, here are a few close ups of the flowers ... nothing to do with my care, they just managed to survive me!
Beautiful Colours )

And, last but not least ....

Wishing [livejournal.com profile] act3scene1 a very happy birthday - and a lovely year ahead.


Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 10:40 am
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I am not at work again today ... but seeing as I again killed myself on Saturday with gardening, and still aching, it is a good thing.

I am catching up with previous comments ... and then going to wander to the shops to do some shopping ... the cupboards seem bare, and Dad gave me some money over the weekend to help me towards petrol, so I can re-fill the shelves.

I am going to do (I hope lots of positives) ... I have washing ready to hang out (again before shopping), I have the breadmaker on ... and a have picked out a couple of recipes to make and then freeze for later meals.

I have (and will have more) ironing to do ... so I wont probably be inspired to dust and hoover after that (see, already making excuses)

Hope you all had a good Bank Holiday (for those in England & Wales) .... and for the rest hope life is OK anyway!

I will post some pics later - I know I have Legoland still to post, but have had a couple of day-trips with my friend which I shall probably now post first ... so you will be spammed!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
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I actually had to leave work early as I am not having a good health day.

However, that worked out great as not long after I got in it started raining and has only just stopped, so I would have got wet.

Also, I don't have to water my garden tubs ... so a second plus!
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I never have been a fan of gardening, but this year it is looking not too bad ... considering I only have one day a week to work at it, and then sometimes the weather is against me.

Anyway ... there are a few gorgeous flowers out on this weekend ....So Spring has sprung )

Still Alive!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 04:39 pm
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I promised myself I would post more, to show that LJ is still alive ... despite all the mad people who have defected to FB ... and then all I seem to have posted this week are junk things ... so, here's a bit of a proper post!

I haven't really caught you up with how I'm doing, as there isn't really much news there!  I will admit I am not as exhausted as I have been - getting to bed at about 10 now, so that is real progress.  The cough has finally eased (although not gone completely), but am left with pain in every joint and muscle ... especially in any old injuries ... and being accident prone means I have some real mangled bones and muscles!  Ended up going to the doctors ... but all they can offer are pain killers ... so am taking them as needed now (as soon as the pain builds up I am succumbing, as I had really let the symptoms rule my life).  So, I am more in charge of me than I have been for some time.

I haven't had any work this week - which is a problem for the bank balance, as it's just the fact there were no shifts ... but I have tried to be positive and get things done.

Yesterday I went to the opticians (I still go to the same one in Bude) ... so I also got to meet up with Toni for lunch, which more than made the trip worth it.  My eyes are really dry and "gunky" which is causing me problems with my lenses ... another side-effect of the virus.

Today I painted half my humungous shed (I ran out of paint at that point ... which my muscles were pleased about!) ... I have also done washing and ironing ... and had a walk.

This time of year I miss riding, as I used to have some beautiful rides by bluebell carpeted woods ... but I walked to my nearest Church, and got to see some .... (Sorry about the photo quality, but off my cheapo phone!)

A few bluebells )

I have commented this year that the blossom has been stunning - I have been very naughty and not gone out with the camera ... one more thing I must get organised with.

Well, hope you aren't fast asleep by now ... and hope that life is treating you well.
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Cooler today, so am pleased there are some pictures to share showing that summer "did" exist over the weekend!

This was the summer .... been and gone??? )

Hopefully summer will give us a few more hours at some point!

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I just realised that all week I haven't really been around ... can't think of any really good reason either.

Still last weekend I took an extra day and went again to The Eden Project (photos to follow) ... then on the Saturday I actually got some gardening done.  Not my favourite task but M&D need it to be done, so I got busy.  I also cut and permed mum's hair ... so that made her happier, as she hates it when her hair goes longer ... or straight.

The week has been busy at work - including having to evacuate half a ward for a suspected fire.  Smoke was smelt, so things move fast - the trouble with hospitals is that the walls are full of piped oxygen ... so could get bad, fast.

I managed to lose my house key, as well - locking myself out.  However T&C have a spare key and so were able to get me back in (good thing they weren't on holiday!) ... and it meant we all had time for a cuppa and a chat, so that was good as well.

The even better thing was that I (finally) managed to get my kitchen decorating finished ... so now I can get on with my spare room.

My tooth/hole is getting better.  Still a hole, but only the size it should have been on the day of extraction (3 weeks ago) ... and all the antibiotics are finished ... so hopefully that is the end of it!.

And, finally ... sorry [livejournal.com profile] laimelady ... I missed your birthday.  I hope that you had a great day and the coming year will be special.

Speaking of birthdays - it is [livejournal.com profile] cryssiemarsters birthday today, and although she is never here now I do want to wish her a great day - as she is the person who led me to LJ.  So thanks Cryssie.

Well that's me caught up - hope all is well with all of you.  Have a good weekend.

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Last Saturday before I went to Eric's 80th I did gardening, as normal ... supervised by Jiffy ... of course!

I also took a few photos of the flora and fauna in the garden ....

Creation in it's beauty )

I was glad to get the camera out as we then had a couple of days of rain! Still today was a bit brighter - and I managed to get washing hung out before work, and was back by 6pm and just before the rain returned!

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Last Saturday before I went to Eric's 80th I did gardening, as normal ... supervised by Jiffy ... of course!

I also took a few photos of the flora and fauna in the garden ....

Creation in it's beauty )

I was glad to get the camera out as we then had a couple of days of rain! Still today was a bit brighter - and I managed to get washing hung out before work, and was back by 6pm and just before the rain returned!

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5. From a high angle

This is part of my back garden, from my bedroom window. There are steps down (coming towards the house) and a small area before the actual building. Sun is out - washing on the line ... Yay!

My garden )

Catching Up
1. Self-portrait (Very scarey)
2. What you wore
3. Clouds
4. Something Green

The rest of the days )

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