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I owe replies, I haven't caught up with my f-list .... I am just so, so bad!

But I am determined to start catching up, starting today.  In about 1/2 hours time Jiffy and I are heading out to pick up my friend Christine, have a walk and lunch at a doggy friendly place.  I am taking my camera but as the decorator is still in I can't get at my main computer so won't share today .... but will asap.

Anyway, what's up with me?  Not much!

I am having my kitchen painted at present, and yesterday the same painter finished painting my bedroom.  The carpet arrives next week.  So hopefully as the days and weeks now move on I shall be able to start packing things away in their permenant homes.  I have decided to have a sunlounge off my kitchen, so there is that to confirm and book ... and then the only thing I will eventually need is a new lounge carpet and the room painted.

No further on my holiday plans, as I am waiting for Annemarie to confirm the dates with her.  So annoying, as I dare-say flights, etc will be going up in price.   So am still at the vague point of Oregon - LA - San Fransisco - Visiting a friend in Missouri.  Will update, when I can.

Jiffy is doing well - slightly confused by stuff being moved around all the time, so it will be nice to get him settled again.

Having been a bit on-off with the gym, I have gone twice last week, already once this week, and booked for a class on Friday.

I have had a week or two of drifting, but I am determined to get myself back on track.  I will catch up with comments, re-post a gift I owe (!), and try to keep up to date with all your journals.  Bear with me - I will get there!

Well I had better get on and get Jiffy ready.

I know I have missed a few birthdays over this last week sorry - but on the day that would have been Mum's 89th birthday, I do hope you had a good day, and the year ahead is special.

Be back later *hugs*
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What kind of car are you driving?

A Toyota Aygo, that I bought in July ...
 photo DSC_0130_zpsrx2w7thq.jpg

The list of 365 questions can be found here

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special author .... thank you for all your great work, [ profile] slaymesoftly ... Have a lovely day, and best wishes for the coming year.

Birthday Graphics
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Well I said I would do it, so here are the first couple of days

What is your number one goal this year?

I really want to try and feel more positive about myself - but after 55 years that may be a bit of a struggle. Still points for giving it a go!

What are you most grateful for?

For my friends here, for Jiffy, and most importantly my faith. I am also thankful that, although I lost M&D in the last 15 months, I am thankful that I was able to know them so well.

The list of 365 questions can be found here


Saturday, December 31st, 2016 11:40 am
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 Just to say that I am sticking with Livejournal, but I know some of my f-list are moving, so if you still want to keep in touch are are not going to cross-post, can you please add me, or PM me and I will try to keep up to date with you.

LJ has had a couple of panics while I have been with it, and people have taken out other acconts, yet we have all survived.  So I plan to wait this one out, as well.

Happy Birthday

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 10:27 am
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[ profile] kuwlshadow

Birthday Graphics

I hope that you have a really lovely birthday - and that this coming year is truly special for you


Happy Birthday

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 11:14 am
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[ profile] elisi ... I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and that the coming year will see many of your dreams coming true.

birthday ecard for social networking websites friends

More scraps?
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Here is a meme I snagged from [ profile] orangerful[ profile] orangerful

  • Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in - it can be anything from the house I live in to my favourite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry. Ask for as many as you want!

 photo 102764_zpsanf5wwa1.gif

And, as ever, I am playing catch-up .... Happy Birthday, yesterday to [ profile] brunettepet and [ profile] rebcake

I had a fairly good weekend, although still haven't started on all the letters I need to write to thank people for the lovely cards I had for Dad.  Every time I sit to write one Jiffy disturbs me, of the phone rings.  I really must get sorted out.

Still I did get up to date with washing and ironing ..... and made some peanut biscuits, so some important things got done.

Happy Birthday

Thursday, August 18th, 2016 02:25 pm
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Just a fly-by post to wish a very special lady a Very Happy Birthday. [ profile] kudagirl I hope that you are able to enjoy your day

Praying that the coming year will help you to be happier and more rested than this last year has been.  If only we were nearer, but that puddle of water is just too big!

*hugs* you tight
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Yet again I missed a birthday, when did it become August?? Hope that you had a great day, [ profile] i_love_freddie yesterday - and that the coming year will be special.

Had a weird day yesterday, with my BP dropping suddenly while I was at Church. Luckily I didn't collapse in a heap, but got to the kitchens before I made a total fool of myself. I saw my own GP today, and all OK ... so it was me being "me" as normal.

I had taken today off work to do some more painting the shed and fence, but it is raining ... so hope it means I can catch up with LJ (have I missed anything), and continue doing some more sorting of my spare room ... certainly a never-ending task!

When I was getting up this morning this song was on the radio.

It brought back memories of my last year of school, and I certainly didn't like Mondays because even now I remember I started the day with double chemistry. Good subject, weird teacher!!

However listening to the first few words made me wonder about the Spike storyline in season 4 ... "silicon chip inside her head". I wish I were clever enough to let the plot bunnies multiply!
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[ profile] ayinhara    [ profile] missus_grace    [ profile] downunderdeb [ profile] badfalcon     [ profile] caliente_uk     [ profile] kerkevik_2014

birthday scrap

More scraps?

So much for keeping up to date ... I hate that I have missed these birthdays.  I am so sorry.

I do hope that you had  great, but most importantly that the coming year will be truly special.


Happy Birthday

Sunday, July 10th, 2016 03:34 pm
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Birthday Graphics [ profile] singedbylife

Hope you are having a good day - and have a wonderful year ahead

Happy Birthdays ....

Thursday, June 30th, 2016 09:17 pm
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Someone mentioned that June is a popular month for birthdays ... and today is no exception.  I am going to wish you all the same wish ... that you have had/will have a lovely day ... but more importantly that it will be the beginning of a lovely year ahead.  A year that sees dreams coming true ....

[ profile] bubblesandlace

[ profile] dancingdragon3

[ profile] karraparis

[ profile] littlefootlll
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[ profile] teragramm has suggested we should encourage folks who miss the good old days of LJ flists taking a long time to read to friend each other. I've done a few of these memes in the last year or so, and added some very cool people to my flist as a result. Go to her LJ to join in the original comment thread, or simply friend folks who comment here, assuming anyone does.

Here are [ profile] teragramm's rules:

If you answer this post with "I'm in", there are 5 rules.

RULE 1. If you answer this post you must friend everyone else who answers this post. (I will post a complete list in a week or two, just so you don't miss anyone.)

RULE 2. Being/having been, a part of the Buffy/Angel fandom is suggested but not a deal breaker. (I have some awesome friends who have never been part of fandom.)

RULE 3. After you have "met" your new friends (and given them a fair chance.) If you feel you have nothing in common with them, you are free to unfriend them, with no hard feelings.

RULE 4. You must pimp this post in your LJ (with a link to the post.)

RULE 5. Sometime after you have made new friends, you must post an "all about me" post, as an introduction.

So fingers crossed we can make some new friends and expand our lj family.

And I am in!

I have already gained a few new names on my f-list .. many of which are names I have seen around for ages. I hope that it works, and in doing so I will be able to re-focus on my old-style LJ posting, and be able to bore you all soon!!
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Birthday Graphics

I have been bad at keeping up to date with birthdays, but I had to wish Kuda a Happy Birthday.

She has had a really awful year so far, so I hope and pray that this day will be the start of a better year. She has been such a great friend to me and helped me through some tough days ... I so wish I could be with you in person.

God Bless you dear friend - Love and hugs

Happy Birthday

Thursday, November 27th, 2014 08:23 am
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[ profile] deborahw37

Birthday Graphics

Thank you for being a great friend - your support has always meant a lot, but especially over this past year.

Hope that you have a wonderful birthday ... and that the coming year will be a very special one for you, and those you love.
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Today is a special day for 2 special people ....

[ profile] petzipellepingo ... thank you so much for all the links you give, I often wish I had more time to read everything, rather than dipping in and out.

I hope that you have a wonderful day, getting spoilt by those who are special to you.

Birthday Graphics

Wishing you a special year ahead ... where you will be able to have days of wonder, and that some of your dreams will come true (not all, as it gives you something more to look forward to!)

And, [ profile] jaded_jamie ... I hope that you are having a lovely day - I know that this last couple of years has been so hard for you, but I pray that the new house, and the new year will bring you health, happiness and peace.

Birthday Graphics

God bless you - I continue to keep you in my prayers ... wishing you a special year ahead.
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[ profile] kudagirl

Birthday Graphics

I didn't forget yesterday, just sadly wasn't well, so had a snooze and when I woke up my sis-in-law phoned for a chat and I totally forgot why I had left my computer on!

Sorry Kuda - Hope that you had a good day, and that life is going a bit easier for you. I miss you being around, so hope you get to pop back soon.

Best wishes for a better year ahead

Happy Birthday

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 05:24 pm
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[ profile] caliente_uk

Birthday Graphics

I hope that you are having a great time - a time with those you love, a time to remember.

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.
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I am really sorry to say how disorganised I am at present - and so many of you were so kind to wish me a Happy Birthday ... I loved the PM's ... thank you so much.  Thank you [ profile] spikereader for the card, and [ profile] pfeifferpack for the e-card,, as well

Ene nicer were the virtual cakes and hugs .... Thank you especially to ...

[ profile] ayinhara
[ profile] downunderdeb
[ profile] enigmaticblues
[ profile] kudagirl
[ profile] laimelady
[ profile] lupina78
[ profile] petzipellepingo

Sorry if I missed any posts.  I got loads of wishes over on FaceBook as well, and I shall go over there this evening to thank people.

I had a good birthday, although when I got to Mum & Dad's they were a bit in a weird mood ... so I took Jiffy out for a walk, and then things all got back on track!

They had planned to take me out for a pub lunch, but a neighbour popped in with some gooseberries, and we were late, so we had take away fish/chicken pie & chips ... very scrummy!

In the afternoon I took them shopping for some lino, as they are going to get their kitchen done ... I am sure that anyone else in the shop would have been laughing at me trying to describe what the assorted patterns/textures looked like!

Then we sat in the garden and chatted.

So a nice day overall.

Thank you again

Will update on everything else later, and catch up on comments, but wanted to get this done.

Happy Birthday

Monday, June 2nd, 2014 08:01 pm
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[ profile] teragramm

Birthday Graphics

Hope that your day is a really great one - and that it is the start of a wonderful year ahead.


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