Cemetery Thoughts

Sunday, August 13th, 2017 02:44 pm
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As ever I go up to the cemetery for a walk on a Sunday ... Jiffy loves chasing the squirrels if he spots them.  Anyway, I spotted a couple of things - one amusing, but the first very sad.

One of the new gravestones up read of a boy who had died at one hour old on Christmas Day ,,, so sad.  My Granddad died on Christmas Day, but this poor family it is such a sad day.

One thing that made me smile is that many of the Victorian stones have the phrase "Peace, Perfect Peace" .  It is a line from a hymn ... but I do wonder if any of them were there because the relatives thought that it was now more peaceful once that person had gone  ... or is that just my warped mind?


Well with those random thoughts I must get on with some letter writing - Have a good Sunday
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Day 31 → best moment of the month

I think, as ever, each month, and possibly each day, has a few special moments.

* I enjoyed all my mince pies ... I love them!

* It was good playing board games with Brenda and my 4 nephews on Boxing Day.

* I enjoyed the Nativity service at Exeter Cathedral. It was great to see this lovely old building full of families ... and animals!

 photo IMG_2180_zpsypwws9cd.jpg

 photo dc9de928-d6cd-4491-92a5-bc983f178664_zpsxeuzlof2.jpg

(Thanks Tim for the photos)
So there are a couple of things that made December fun.

This has been a good meme, and it's been good to see that others have snagged.
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Day 29 → talk about things you are excited for next year

  • I hope to get to visit [livejournal.com profile] deborahw37 ... so great to see a lovely lady, and a different part of the country.

  • It's Auntie Joyce's 90th in January, so weather permitting Jiffy & I shall go there.

  • I plan to go back to London in November again.

Day 30 → a list of what you got for your winter holiday

For me winter holiday is Christmas ... and Santa visited Jiffy and myself.  What I found under the tree included -

  • 3 boxes of chocs, and some other individual chocs

  • A complete set of Sharpe DVDs

  • Earrings

  • 4 Steve McQueen DVDs

  • A pashmina

  • A pair of slippers

So, even though I had a quiet day I was also a very lucky girl.
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No, not "the" first Christmas, although this is what we need to remember, but this is the first without Mum & Dad (or any other family).  And, yes I did cook myself a proper dinner ... and Jiffy thoroughly enjoyed himself opening his pressies that Santa brought him!

Happy Christmas .... I hope that all my friends are having a lovely day, but also that you are able to set aside at least a few minutes to remember the first Christmas morning - Jesus, the Son of God, born as a baby in Bethlehem.

Thank you Jesus for coming to this world.

Our Church wasn't having a service this morning, so I went to a local Baptist one and was pleased that we had one of my favourite carols. This is one of the 2 I chose when I was baptised back in 1975, but still love it now. Lovely tune, and meaningful words.

I do love the traditional carols, but this one was one of the other ones we had at Church this morning .... Let's celebrate the birth of a Baby

19th December

Monday, December 19th, 2016 12:21 pm
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Happy 120th Birthday Granddad!
 photo DSC_0252_zpssjss7nbj.jpg

Thank you NHS for 28 years of sight in my right eye. (I had surgery on that day for a torn and detached retina.)


In more up to date news I am still off work. Despite getting better last week, yesterday (at Church) I began to feel my chest tightening up, and this morning I woke coughing, and have only just stopped. My GP is puzzled, so that's totally me! My lungs sound clear, and I can take a deep breath with no problems. However she was concerned at my heart rate again. So, I have had a chest x-ray, and she has put me on antibiotics and steroids for 5 days, to see if there is something somewhere she has missed. As I had to go to the hospital, I went up to the department to apologise, and to find out how the Christmas Party had gone. Apparently it had gone "very" well!

Tim and Claire popped in yesterday afternoon to do a pressie exchange, so they are under the tree. Yes, I managed to get decs up ... not looking very even, but certainly festive!

Speaking of festive - this was on the radio this morning, so thought I would share ...

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Not great photos, but Christmas was getting organised ...

Happy Christmas )

And one special photo - a shop sign I saw.  For those who don't know, Dad's name was John, and Mum's middle name was Pearl

 photo DSC_0669_zpssqenjwbf.jpg

A Proper Post!

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 12:22 pm
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I am so busy spamming you with London photos, as well as managing to keep up to date with the December Meme that I haven't actually done a proper post in ages ... so here goes.

  • First, I am so sorry, but I forgot to post Birthday wishes to [livejournal.com profile] gillo and [livejournal.com profile] shaddyr yesterday.  I truly hope you both had lovely days, being spoilt by those you love and that the coming year will be a truly special one.

  • I have just got back from the doctors.  I have been signed off for the rest of this week with the option to just phone in on Monday if I still feel rough.  It is being called a viral chest infection, but basically exhaustion on top of that.  I have had viral chest infections most years, normally lasting about 5 - 7 days, so it's obvious when my body has to slow down that's what gets to me.

  • Jiffy has another bad skin infection, so he was happy to go and see Marni for a cuddle (and anti-biotics!)

  • My new kitchen worksurface arrives tomorrow.   So when I finish this I have to clear all the surfaces.

  • I really need to get organised for Christmas.  I think I have done most of the shopping, but need to sort it out and post things off.  I haven't even thought about cards, but already received some, so I must focus.  Maybe I will try to get started tomorrow while my kitchen is being dismantled.

  • Yesterday I had a suprise phone call.  The person who had been Mum's friend while they were at school during the war.  They lost some of their closeness when she married, and then Mum moved away, but have still kept in touch and visited .  She just phoned to find out how I was coping.  So that was really lovely.

Well, anyone who is still awake wins a special award.

Now, I will post some more London photos later! But to finish, a Christmas song I heard on the radio this morning -

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 26th, 2015 05:08 pm
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At long last I am getting a few minutes of time, and I hope that as the New Year approaches I shall be able to be regular visitor again.  So much of the future is settled, but still a lot up in the air.  However this post is more about Christmas ... I had hoped to post something in the last couple of days but life was hectic, and I was both exhausted and felt totally in limbo.

Thirteen weeks ago Mum, Dad & I were talking about Christmas and the vague plans for those times.  Now that Christmas is here, those weeks have paid a heavy toll on all of us, and has ended with "us 3 kids" feeling totally in limbo.

This was taken by one of the nurses at a Carol concert we went to at the home -
 photo DSC_0511_zpstdjja2lv.jpg

Christmas was still a special time.  Because of Dad, Nick and family came down Christmas Eve ... and came to me for lunch.  I had offered to cook, but they said that the chippy at the end of my road would be great.

Christmas Eve  )

Christmas Day started with a lovely walk for Jiffy and myself, then when we got back he KNEW that Santa had been to visit!

Santa Clause is coming to town )

I then went to pick up Tim & Claire, and we went to Mum's grave and onto Dad. Dad was snoozy when we got there but after a cup of tea, he was bright and cheery ... it was a joy to see. We chatted, laughed, and it was a joy to see Dad being Dad again.

 photo DSC_0543_zpsgz4zgcrp.jpg

And so back quite late to Tim & Claire's for Christmas Dinner.

My baby brother )
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I am on Dad's pc writing this, but can't always get a signal as his router is not all that great ... until this last few weeks it wasn't worth replacing as Dad no longer uses the pc at all.  So that's why with all the time at M&D's I don't often get the internet when I actually have the time to sit down for a few minutes.

Sadly mum is not really coping ... very tired and depressed ... but wont get help, as she wont have people "telling her what to do" . She is upset with me as I spent last night in Exeter as I had treatment ...I needed to sleep after treatment, but that was not popular, however I persevered ... even though it meant she hadn't taken any tablets this morning. She has taken some for years but now there are less she wont take them, even though I have bought a weekly pot for her.  She is also finding herself with less tolerance for Dad's Alzheimer's ... and to make matters worse he has had a bad few days.  I think he relaxed when she came home, but relaxed too much!

Tim popped in to see them this afternoon for 1/2 hour, and Mum was so pleased to see him.  She was very foccussed and animated .. sad to say I find that very hard to cope with as it's good to know she is happy, but hard to be the one left to pick up the pieces.  He doesn't realise (neither does Nick) how tough life has been.  I am sure if I attempted to say anything, as well as the tears from me, there would be a disbelief and a protest of exageration from them.

Sorry to have that mini rant but I need to tell someone - and a few of you have been so supportive of me ... that has truly meant more than you can imagine.

I managed to go to work for a couple of days this week - although I commuted from here, so tired, but at least I got a few hours of "sanity"!

So, my house is a tip ... and I still have the Christmas Decs up as I just haven't had the time - by the time I have a moment it will be ready to re-decorate for next Christmas! Maybe I could start a new fashion!

Oh well I had better get back into the living room - mum moans that she is lonely.

Hope you are all keeping well - have I missed any vital news?  I do hope I can get back to regular LJ time soon.

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Guess who is waiting to check in with my doctor to get some cough suppressant!  Yes, I started another virus on Christmas Day, however the rest of my Christmas was much better than I had expected, so I am not upset.

The week before Christmas was hectic as Mum was ill.  Dad actually began to fight back from his downward spiral of memory loss, which was great to see ... and amazing that he was able to return to an improved state (not 100% by any means, but a lot better than he had been)

As I had shopped for Mum, taken Dad shopping and done their cards and joint Christmas shopping I hadn't expected a pressie at all ... but Tim & Claire had noticed this and phoned up and did their shopping ... so I had pressies!

Of course, so did Jiffy ... he loves Christmas, and even gets excited about undoing his new coat and a new lead!

Santa visits Jiffy )

I managed to not poison anyone, and everyone seemed to enjoy dinneras you can see )

We saw the Queen's speach ... and then had fun undoing our pressies.  I think this year everyone liked what they got ... no sellers on eBay!

The family )

Boxing Day ended up as a truly lazy day, and then on the 27th we went to Tim & Claire's for lunch, and afternoon tea.  We normally stay till late, but this year changed it slightly and it seemed more relaxed that way.

Tim & Claires )

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 12:32 pm
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 photo christmas-7_zpsrmobbnla.gif

I hope that you all have a lovely day tomorrow, however you spend it.

I shall be at Mum & Dad's (am going in a moment), and doing the cooking for the day - Tim & Claire are coming over; and hopefully we will go there for lunch on the 27th, but it will depend on how well Mum is by then (she has C Diff).

I know that I owe replies ... but this last week totally got away from me organising all our Christmasses! I will try and get some internet access at some point ... if not, it will be a case of seeing you at some point.

I do miss you!
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So I have decided to borrow these dogs -

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I know I haven't replied to all your good wishes, but if I don't scribble "Hi", then I never will!

Mum ended up not having surgery, but is still very week and wobbly.  She is a person who presumes that she will be 100% because she said so!  Sadly life doesn't work like that, especially at 86!

Dad didn't cope very well with her absense ... or maybe it was me looking after him!  He is still very lost, although he is trying to sort his life out, but 90 years old, with Alzheimer's is not the best combination.

Needless to say I have been struggling, although good to be able to say that even though I have only had my second osteopathic treatment today, I can honestly say that I feel a slight bit easier ... I haven't had the sudden exhaustion attacks.  I had another treatment today, and hurt!  He said that I would suffer, but as I have faith in healing, then I don't mind!

Anyway, in the last few days I have been busy getting M&D's Christmas sorted out (so they are organised, although haven't got me anything ... we shall go shopping in the new Year, I expect).  Now I am trying to get my Christmas sorted.  So, life is hectic.

I am also trying to get some icons made!

So, sorry no replies as such - but will catch up when I get a moment ... although it looks as if I will be having an early night.

Hope all is well, and I haven't missed any vital news.
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Just to let you know Mum wasn't very well over the weekend, and I persuaded her to go to A&E ... and they kept her in.

I had been saying she didn't drink enough for ages and she was seriously dehydrated, and had a bowel problem that they are doing a colonoscopy on this morning.

They also need to (at long last) sort out her medication ... her doctor is the laziest woman around!

So, I am Daddy & Jiffy sitting ... and have little internet (or time)

Trying to get their Christmas cards/letters/shopping sorted ... then next week I start mine!  So like my icon I feel I am doing a lot of juggling!

Hope you are all behaving yourselves!
Miss you all
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I haven't worked today ... but have, so far, had a good day.

One thing I am happy about is that, at long last, I got to my Dementia & Delerium training.  I was worried how I would cope with it because of Dad, but it's compulsary.  In actual fact it made me realise that Dad is doing OK and so am I!

I then went shopping in Exeter as I had to go to the bank ... I think I found the largest Christmas bauble ever ... and that also made me happy!

Exeter looking festive )
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I have actually made a few Christmas cards this afternoon ... need to think more about what I need to do, so it's a good start.
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For the first time ever my name was on a list for picking the Christmas party venue ... it's the dept I am working at quite a bit, but am not actually employed by them, as I still am on the bank.

But seeing my name gave me a really warm happy feeling.
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I had a weird dream last night ... I was visiting a large hostel/farm with a variety of other people.

On the morning I woke up to find Mum & a friend from Bible Study group digging manure into a huge field, Dad and my brother Tim had gone for a walk, and my brother Nick had gone off to meet up with a guy I went to school with.  I was with someone "special", but never quite met up with them on my stroll!

Everywhere I went I was being wished a Happy Christmas ... as it was Christmas Day.

When I woke up, I actually reached for my mobile to text friends, as I was sure it was Christmas Day!

Now I'm totally confused!
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So won't say anything!

I am de-decking the house, having done Mum & Dad's this afternoon - so busy, but wanted to prove to myself I can scribble something!

Hope you all had a good (& safe) weekend ... and are ready to face Monday morning!

Not Yet Here!

Sunday, December 29th, 2013 08:58 pm
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But am making the effort to say I'm not here, in the effort to get back on-line.

Dad's pc seems to be working for a moment, and I am awake enough to have the time to type ... although mot the time to also read my friend's news ... I'm a bad friend.

Life is slowly tottering along - the virus on my diaphragm is horrific, and my doc cheered me up that I may have another month before it goes.  Still, at least I know I'm not infectious ... just super-annoying to be around!

Hope you all had a great Christmas.  Mine was great - especially watching Jiffy open his new toys ... a fluffy/ squeaky squirrel, similar but a chicken and a plastic squeaky Christmas cracker.  I do have a few photos that I may try and post tomorrow.

I will try and get comments answered - although some date back weeks, I'm sure.

Sorry for being a poor friend


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