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One of the few films that I have seen as a play ... and with the same star is also one of my favourite films. When you read the synopsis of the film it's a wonder how it can be turned into a musical ...

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Jews and Orthodox Christians live in the little village of Anatevka in the pre-revolutionary Russia of the Czars. Among the traditions of the Jewish community, the matchmaker arranges the match and the father approves it. The milkman Reb Tevye is a poor man that has been married for twenty-five years with Golde and they have five daughters. When the local matchmaker Yente arranges the match between his older daughter Tzeitel and the old widow butcher Lazar Wolf, Tevye agrees with the wedding. However Tzeitel is in love with the poor tailor Motel Kamzoil and they ask permission to Tevye to get married that he accepts to please his daughter. Then his second daughter Hodel (Michele Marsh) and the revolutionary student Perchik decide to marry each other and Tevye is forced to accept. When Perchik is arrested by the Czar troops and sent to Siberia, Hodel decides to leave her family and homeland and travel to Siberia to be with her beloved Perchik. When his third daughter Chava decides to get married with the Christian Fyedka, Tevye does not accept and considers that Chava has died. Meanwhile the Czar troops evict the Jewish community from Anatevka

However it shows a sad time in history ... the continual persecution of the Jews, but mostly Tevye's faith in God and love of his family.

It also has some brilliant songs!

Fiddler on the Roof is, of course, the film ... it may be longish, but is brilliant.

If I were a Rich Man ... one of the most famous songs, but also sums up his faith -

This clip shows some of the detail of the choreography

100 Meme - Film # 51

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 03:08 pm
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Wow it seems a long time since I posted on this list of memes ... so will try to get on and do some.

This set of 10 is going to be some favourite musicals.  I have already listed a couple under other sections, but will carry on here, with my first one being one of only 2 films that I saw at the cinema with Mum & Dad (the other being Gone With The Wind).

This is the "classic"  Sound of Music

As we all know, it's based on a true story ... but for any who have forgotten the plot ... In 1930's Austria, a young woman named Maria is failing miserably in her attempts to become a nun. When the Navy captain Georg Von Trapp writes to the convent asking for a governess that can handle his seven mischievous children, Maria is given the job. The Captain's wife is dead, and he is often away, and runs the household as strictly as he does the ships he sails on. The children are unhappy and resentful of the governesses that their father keeps hiring, and have managed to run each of them off one by one. When Maria arrives, she is initially met with the same hostility, but her kindness, understanding, and sense of fun soon draws them to her and brings some much-needed joy into all their lives -- including the Captain's. Eventually he and Maria find themselves falling in love, even though Georg is already engaged to a Baroness and Maria is still a postulant. The romance makes them both start questioning the decisions they have made. Their personal conflicts soon become overshadowed, however, by world events. Austria is about to come under the control of Germany, and the Captain may soon find himself drafted into the German navy and forced to fight against his own country.

And, the nice thing is that they have stayed friends with each other -

100 Meme - Catch-Up

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 08:07 pm
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Here I am at long last, half way through my meme. I daren't look at when I started this list! So, here is a catch-up ...

1 - 10 ... Some of my overall favourites.
11 - 20 ... Cary Grant films.
21 - 30 ... Old, obscure films!
31 - 40 ... More recent (for me, anyway) films

Danny Kaye -
41 - Up in Arms
42 - A Song is Born
43 - Wonder Man
44 - The Court Jester
45 - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
46 - Merry Andrew
Will Hay -
47 - Ask a Policeman
48 - The Goose Steps Out
49 - Boys will be Boys
And -
50 - Batman (1966)

The next set of films will be some of my favourite musicals, although I have already listed a couple of them in previous links!


100 Meme - Film # 50

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 06:20 pm
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This set of films has contained those from Danny Kaye and Will Hay ... to finish off the set of 10 I am going to go to a film in the 60's ... the first of a set of films, still being made!  I have already mentioned one other in the set, but this one is just so mad it's brilliant - Have you guessed?

Yes - its Batman Maybe not quite as gothic as the more recent films - but a great film.

The archvillains of The United Underworld - The Catwoman, The Joker, The Riddler and The Penguin - combine forces to dispose of Batman and Robin as they launch their fantastic plot to control the entire world. From his submarine, Penguin and his cohorts hijack a yacht containing a superdehydrator, which can extract all moisture from humans and reduce them to particles of dust. The evildoers turn the 9 Security Council members in the United World Building into 9 vials of multicolored crystals! Batman and Robin track the villains in their Batboat and use Batcharge missles to force the sub to surface.

One of the best scenes ever - (including a scene from another Batman film as well ... the one you need to sse is the first half!)


100 Meme - Film # 49

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 07:49 am
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Another of the bizarre films of Wiil Hay is Boys Will Be Boys
where he plays a teacher at a prison who applies to be Headmaster of a public school ... that turns out to be full of the sons of those he was teaching!

A classic sketch -


100 Meme - Film # 48

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 08:56 am
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Another film of Will Hay that I do love is The Goose Steps Out ... although this is definately not "pc". Released in 1942, it is a film meant to cheer the English at the low-point of the war ...

A bumbling teacher (Will Hay) conveniently turns out to be the double of a German general. In the true spirit of wartime propoganda high jinks, he is flown into Germany to impersonate the general and cause chaos and hilarity in a Hitler Youth college (populated by the likes of Peter Ustinov, Charles Hawtrey and Barry Morse)

This is one of the scenes, where Will Hay is trying to steal a key from the General ... to listen to his strategy you have to know that most of the areas are County or River names ... eg ... Notts (Nottinghamshire), Lincs (Lincolnshire), Lancs (Lancashire), Kent, Bucks (Buckinghamshire), Beds (Bedfordshire) and Forth, Severn, Trent (rivers) ... and The Wash (an area on the East Anglia coast), Tyneside & Tees (Teeside) ... areas in the North of England. Not forgetting The Scots/Scotch ... a regular play on words over here of the drink & the country.

debris4spike: (James - HPI - Hanged)
The last few films have been that of Danny Kaye, a comedic actor from America ... so for the others of this set of 10 I cross back to England and to a lesser know comic actor - Will Hay.

As a favourite trick for his friends, he would rapidly write seeming nonsense on a blackboard, look at it thoughtfully for a minute with a puzzled expression, then turn the blackboard upside down and there would be a perfectly written statement of some kind. And he could take someone's dictation, and repeat the trick!!

One of my favourite films of his is Ask a Policeman where he plays a poliman in Turnbottom Round, which prides itself as the village without crime; there has not been an arrest recorded by the local police for years. Unfortunately, this means that their boss decides to close the station. With their jobs on the line, the trio attempt to stage a crime of their own, only to inadvertently uncover a smuggling ring and a headless horseman...


100 Meme - Film # 46

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 03:04 pm
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I am meant to be cleaning and decorating this afternoon but have sneaked off to add another film to my Danny Kaye set ... Merry Andrew is one of those films that has lots of fun, but even more weirdness for the English watching it ... Danny Kaye plays an English teacher in a boys school, who is also an amateur archeologist.

The portayal of the English "stiff upper lip" has to be seen to be believed!  That and falling in love with a circus acrobat makes the film a typical bit of nonsense, that I enjoy!

Typically England!!!


100 Meme - Film # 45

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 08:57 pm
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I can't list a series of my favourite Danny Kaye films without including The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Walter Mitty, a daydreaming pulp-fiction writer with an overprotective mother, likes to imagine that he is a hero who experiences fantastic adventures. His dream becomes true when he accidentally meets a mysterious woman who hands him a little black book. According to her, it contains the locations of the Dutch crown jewels hidden since World War II. Soon, Mitty finds himself in the middle of a confusing conspiracy and has to admit that being a hero in real life isn't that easy.

This is yet another film starring Viginia Mayo as the girl who he has been dreaming about ... and then meets her in real life.

And here is one of his characters ... with a "tyoical" Danny Kaye song -

And having played in an orchestra I do smile at this song.


100 Meme - Film # 44

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 05:20 pm
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What Danny Kaye collection would be complete without The Court Jester. For those who don't know this great historical romp, the main story s -

The throne of rightful king of England, the small babe with the purple pimpernel birthmark, has been usurped by the evil King Roderick. Only the Black Fox can restore the true king to the throne--and all he needs is the king's key to a secret tunnel. And while he's trying to steal it, someone has to change the king's diapers. The task falls to Hawkins, the gentlest member of the Fox's band. The Fox's lieutenant, Maid Jean, guards Hawkins and the babe while they travel, but when they meet the King's new jester on the road, they decide to initiate a daring plan for Hawkins to replace him, become an intimate at the court, and steal the key. So, humble Hawkins becomes Giacomo: the king of jesters and jester to the king. But things begin to get zany when the King's daughter falls for Giacomo, the King falls for Jean, people randomly sing what are supposed to be recognition codes, and a witch with very effective spells (and poison pellets) begins to interfere.

Most of you have seen the Poison Pellet links ... but another great scene is where the witch be-spells Giacomo/Hawkins to think he is a great fencer ... but at a click of the finger the spell is lost -

Poor Basil Rathbone!

100 Meme - Film # 43

Sunday, May 19th, 2013 08:25 pm
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Another Danny Kaye film that is truly in my top list of films is Wonder Man which also stars Virginia Mayo.

Boisterous nightclub entertainer Buzzy Bellew was the witness to a murder committed by gangster Ten Grand Jackson. One night, two of Jackson's thugs kill Buzzy and dump his body in the lake at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Buzzy comes back as a ghost and summons his bookworm twin, Edwin Dingle, to Prospect Park so that he can help the police nail Jackson. Buzzy and Edwin and identical twins … played by Danny Kaye.

In the end Edwin is on the run and hides in an Opera House … at which time he is able to sing his testimony to the DA ….

On a side note – In 1898 Mum, Dad & I went to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and there is an almost identical bridge there!!


100 Meme - Film # 42

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 03:44 pm
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My next Danny Kaye film is A Song is Born, which also stars Virginia Mayo (dad is a fan of hers!!).

For those who don't know this film ... Shy introverted Professor Hobart Frisbee (Danny Kaye) runs a musical research institute. Along with his a team of music professors, among them Professor Magenbruch (Benny Goodman), they are writing a musical encyclopedia. Two window washers Buck and Bubbles make them aware that there is several new musical styles - jazz, swing, boogie woogie and bebop. Arriving on the scene is Honey Swanson (Virginia Mayo), a night club singer and the girlfriend of gangster Tony Crow (Steve Cochran). She needs to hide out for awhile so that she can't be made to testify against him. When the housekeeper decides that Honey is too disruptive and must leave, Honey decides to get Frisbee to fall for her. But it backfires when he does and proposes to her. Her gangster boyfriend decides to use this as a cover, and claiming to be her father he tells the professor to drive to New Jersey with her to have the wedding right away. His true plan is that Frisbee will be Honey's transportation to get her to him where he himself will marry her - making it impossible for Honey to testify against him. But before she gets to New Jersey she falls in love with Frisbee and can no longer marry her boyfriend

This clip is part of the film - Danny Kaye being a music professor is learning about jazz from some famous people ... I love this dig that Benny Goodman allows about himself. He was an amazing classical clarinetist ... but also a brilliant jazz vertoso.


100 Meme - Film # 41

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 05:35 pm
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I am a huge fan of Danny Kaye, so will pick a few of his in this next section.

One of my favourites, is his first film - Up in Arms. ... Hypochondriac Danny Weems (Danny Kaye) gets drafted into the army and makes life miserable for his fellow GIs. He's also lovesick when it comes to pretty Mary Morgan, unaware that she's in love with his best friend Joe (Dana Andrews).

This is typical of why I like Danny Kaye .... one whole film described in 5 minutes ...

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Here is the catch-up for the last 10 as it has been a bit spread out ... Sorry.

Film 31 - Pride & Prejudice
Film 32 - Pirates of the Caribean
Film 33 & 34 - Shop Around The Corner & You've Got Mail
Film 35 - Sister Act
Film 36 - Sliding Doors
Film 37 - Overboard
Film 38 - Batman Forever
Film 39 - True Lies
Film 40 - Thunderbirds Are Go

Now, I must get on and find a set of films ... enjoy!


100 Meme - Film # 40

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 09:24 pm
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Thunderbirds ... The year is 2010. Teenager Alan Tracy, sent off to a distant boarding school, is the youngest of the sons of Jeff Tracy, a retired American astronaut. Jeff, a widower, has formed International Rescue, and raised his sons to act as a secret, volunteer organization which uses highly advanced technology to save lives worldwide. Jeff and his older sons John, Virgil, Scott, and Gordon, who like Alan were named after the Mercury Seven astronauts are joined in this effort by Lady Penelope and her butler/chauffeur Parker. Their futuristic hardware is largely developed by a genius scientist known as Brains, who lives at the International Rescue base on Tracy Island, somewhere in the Pacific.

Even better is that Jeff Tracey is played by Bill Paxton, who was Fred Haise in the epic Apollo 13 film.

And for those who don't know why I wanted to share this film ... This is the real reason, the original series that I loved, still love ... and gave me an abiding love for all things sci-fi!

Sorry for the delay in doing this meme, I will try to get back on track.
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Just trying to get back to my meme-ing. I love both Timothy Dalton and (especially) Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. It was hard to pick one of the many the 2 of them did - but I decided to pick The World Is Not Enough as there are the most amazing chase sequences - especially this one at the start through London.

An oil tycoon is murdered in MI6 and Bond is sent to protect his daughter. Renard, who has a bullet lodged in his brain from a previous agent, is secretly planning the destruction of a pipeline. Bond gains a hand from a research scientist, Dr. Christmas Jones who witnesses the action which happens when Bond meets up with Renard, but Bond becomes suspicious about Elektra King, especially when Bond's boss, M goes missing. Bond must work quickly to prevent Renard from destroying Europe. And, if you still don't know which film it is - Here is the trailer -

100 Meme - Film # 39

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 07:48 pm
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I said that I was going to get back on track so here I am with my 100 meme again..

True Lies is a great film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Art Malik and for the Buffy fans, a young Eliza Dushku.

Harry Tasker leads a double life. At work he is a government agent with a license to do just about anything, while at home he pretends to be a dull computer salesman. He is on the trail of stolen nuclear weapons that are in the hands of fanatic terrorists when something more important comes up. Harry finds his wife is seeing another man because she needs some adventure in her life. Harry decides to give it to her, juggling pursuit of terrorists on one hand and an adventure for his wife on the other while showing he can Tango all at once.

This is the trailer - I had also hoped to find a clip of all the horse-ride ... the most epic of scenes ... but here is part of it.

100 Meme - Film # 38

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 10:54 am
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When you get a series of films there is always going to be one that is your favourite, and for me Batman Forever is the best of the series of stories.

Val Kilmer is, as ever, lovely ... but with two baddies, including the amazing, over-the-top Jim Carey, how can you lose?

And just had to post this one as well - for the truly gratuitous "bum-scene"!

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Overboard is a fun film that shows you that life can be unexpected ... but that ultimately love is the most important thing.

Rich bitch Joanna (Goldie Hawn) hires country carpenter Dean (Kurt Russel) to build a closet on her yacht. When the two don't see eye-to-eye, Dean is left unpaid while Joanna sets sail. The following day, Joanna is fished out of the sea, after falling overboard, suffering from amnesia. Dean sees a neat way to regain the money she owes him... he tells her she's his wife; that way Dean gets a free housekeeper and mother for his four kids. 

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On the TV shows I watch I love the "What If" episodes ... where things are in "Alternative Universes" etc.

One of the classic films showing that is Sliding Doors - Helen (played by Gwyweth Paltrow) is fired from her job at a PR company, and when the sliding doors of the tube car close on her, we start to see what would have happened if she'd made the train, and if she hadn't.

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